Minimum downtime for optimal patient care

Service Solution

Providing advanced medical imaging technology goes way beyond selling equipment. We provide flexible service and maintenance contracts that fully encompass your needs. Our service contracts are designed to improve equipment uptime and provide optimal diagnostic capabilities that increase clinical confidence and benefit patients.

Tailored service made for you

Service Plan

Canon Medical builds service agreements with flexible terms, giving you the ability to make adjustments as your needs change over time.

Full warranty contract Full coverage of maintenance, parts and repairs offering full protection and customized solutions.
Maintenance contract Basic maintenance to guarantee replacement parts excluding major components are covered.
Part indemnity contract This contract reduces basic payments and covers certain replacement parts.
Periodic inspection contract Manufacturer-recommended inspection and maintenance on a case-by-case basis.
Adds-on contract Separate contracts are available for each modality.

*Some contract types may be different in various regulatory jurisdictions.
Please consult with your local Canon Medical Systems’ office for details in your region.

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