Meet Mobirex i9
The standard in mobile x-ray imaging solution

Flexibility for increased patient comfort and workflow efficiencies at various stages of the journey.

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Smooth and Smart Mobility

The Mobirex i9 has a very compact design and small footprint which makes it easy to maneuver through the hospital. It has excellent forward visibility and requires limited space for storage.

Mobility and maneuverability

Power assist technology makes the system travel smoothly and supports effortless positioning.

Innovation with Digital Technology

Innovation with proven image quality

Mobirex i9 is powered by Canon’s next generation digital wireless detectors and imaging software. The ultra-lightweight, waterproof detectors with integrated battery and image storage can be used on the system or shared with others.

Instant reproduction of imaging data

Images can be displayed on the main unit monitor about two seconds after radiography. Acquired images can be confirmed immediately, which supports efficient examinations.


The ~1200mm telescopic arm for extended reach, plus fine-positioning “Inch Mover” buttons on the tube head make for easy positioning even in a tight space.



From the fast start up of 1 minute, through to the near-immediate viewing of the images after exposure (< 2 seconds), the Mobirex i9 provides the speed needed when working in this fast-paced environment. Add the IP55 water proofing standard of the Canon CXDI-Pro panels and the simple but important assets like ease-of-handling with built-in grooves, for a winning combination.


Advanced Edge Enhancement provides confidence in viewing procedures—for example PICC insertions for the catheter tip.
The large viewing panel adds to ease of image review, and it is easy to connect the Mobirex i9 to an external monitor for the surgical team to view.
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