President's Message

Thank you very much for your continued support.

This April, one of our employees (now a corporate executive) was awarded a Medal with Purple Ribbon in the spring 2024 Medals of Honor for his involvement in developing novel diagnostic ultrasound technology to enable high-resolution imaging of tissues located deep within the body which are difficult to visualize using conventional ultrasound technology. The new technology is expected to allow early detection of lesions and is now implemented in most of our ultrasound systems. I would like once again to express my deepest gratitude to the experts in the field who guided us from the development stage onwards, and to the many customers around the world who are using this technology.

In support of work style reforms in the medical field, and in order to achieve improved reproducibility and efficiency regardless of operator skills, we have started sales of the 3-tesla MRI system Vantage Galan 3T / Supreme Edition. The system incorporates 3T magnets developed in-house, a new platform that allows high-speed data communication, and AI-based operation support functions.

We also begun clinical research in April using a Canon photon-counting CT (PCCT) system (the company's 3rd such system worldwide) with the aim of promoting its rapid practical application.
In the first half of this year, as described above, we have been carrying out activities based on our understanding of the needs of clinical practice, using our technological capabilities to develop products and services to solve those challenges, and then promoting their use in clinical practice to obtain feedback. This truly embodies our corporate philosophy "Made for Life". We will continue to work and grow together with our customers, striving to provide solutions that contribute to medical care that protects and sustains precious human lives.

Toshio Takiguchi
President and CEO
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