Canon Medical Systems Group Standards of Conduct (SOC)

Section 1. Introduction(Basic Philosophy)

In order to realize its corporate philosophy, "kyosei", Canon Group is dedicated to ensuring that all people, regardless of culture, customs, language, or race, live and work happily and harmoniously together. Based on this guiding philosophy for Canon Group's management policies, Canon Group has established the "Canon Group Code of Conduct" to serve as behavioral guidelines for directors and employees in their business activities. On July 1, 2017, this code of conduct was adopted by Canon Medical Systems Group, which recently became a member of Canon Group.

Based on the "kyosei" philosophy and the Canon Group Code of Conduct, Canon Medical Systems Group follows a management philosophy in which we are committed to contributing to healthcare and social welfare, and creating greater value through our business activities related to medicine, healthcare, and welfare.

We have established the Canon Medical Systems Group Standards of Conduct (hereinafter "SOC") in order to realize this philosophy, and as a basis to guide our activities in a comprehensive manner so that we can operate under the principles of fairness, integrity, and transparency, and contribute to the formation of a sustainable society.

In order to contribute to the development of healthcare and to help people worldwide achieve healthy lives, the directors and employees of Canon Medical Systems Group are committed to the SOC and to conducting business activities with the highest priority placed on life, safety, and compliance.

Section 2. Scope and Implementation

Section 3. Standards of Conduct

1. Customer Satisfaction

2.Human Rights

3.Relations with Community and Employees

(Social Contribution Activities, Community Service Activities, Maintenance of Workplace Environment)
  • 1) Basic Policies
    Canon Medical Systems Group Companies shall:
    • (1)contribute to and cooperate with all local communities in which Canon Medical Systems Group operates in order to perform its duties as a member of these communities and engage and collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders such as nonprofit organization (NPOs), nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), government agencies, and international organizations;
    • (2)support Directors and Employees in undertaking voluntary activities and give full consideration to each individual's desire to exercise his or her civil rights;
    • (3)make appropriate donations in each country and region where Canon Medical Systems Group operates, after considering the contribution to the community, the public nature and the reasons for making donations;
    • (4)try to improve the brand image in all aspects of their relationships with the communities;
    • (5)おendeavor to obtain the understanding of stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and the local community, with respect to corporate activities, products and services, and further improve public recognition of Canon Medical Systems Group and its corporate image by means of positive and timely corporate communications activities on business information (Note), such as corporate strategy and financial data;
    • (6)ensure that management policies are well communicated within the company, and promote information sharing as a means of raising morale and creating a sense of unity;
    • (7)develop a working environment where Employees may perform their duties creatively and efficiently so that they may achieve a work-life balance (i.e., balance between work and home); and
    • (8)endeavor to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment for Employees.
  • 2) SOC for Directors and Employees
    Directors and Employees shall:
    • (1) assure that Canon Medical Systems Group Companies undertake all activities in harmony with the community, by respecting the local culture and community traditions and customs;
    • (2)actively participate in developing communication with the local community, to encourage and maintain mutual respect and understanding;
    • (3)actively participate in community social and voluntary activities;
    • (4)act responsibly and with integrity as a member of society;
    • (5)aspire to exhibit honesty and integrity in words and actions with an awareness of being member of Canon Medical Systems Group, whether at the workplace, in public places, or online;
    • (6)conduct corporate communications with integrity on the basis of objective facts;
    • (7)conduct corporate communications by appropriate means, to enable customers, shareholders, potential investors and the members of the community of each country or region to obtain a reasonable understanding of Canon Medical Systems Group's activities;
    • (8)obtain prior consent from the persons responsible for corporate communications before disclosing business information to analysts and to the media, including newspapers, magazines and television stations;
    • (9) accomplish their tasks to the utmost of their abilities, in light of their authority and the responsibilities assigned to them by the company, and endeavor to learn continuously and to improve their own abilities;
    • (10)realize employees' work/life balance through various ways of working so that they can maximize their capabilities to the fullest extent;
    • (11)cultivate a workplace environment that encourages the development of open-minded, cooperative and orderly work activities; and
    • (12)maintain safety, cleanliness and good order in the workplace and endeavor to prevent industrial accidents, and try to maintain good health.

4.Compliance with Laws and Regulations(Competition Law, Antisocial Groups, Export Control, Bribery, etc.)

5.Production, Technology, and Quality Assurance Activities, and Engineering Ethics


7.Marketing and Sales (Sales Philosophy, Advertising, etc.)

8.Information Security

9.Intellectual Property Rights

Canon Medical Systems Group Companies shall:
  • 1) Basic Policies Canon Medical Systems Group Companies shall:
    • (1)comply with all applicable laws and regulations associated with patent law, copyright law and other intellectual property rights (Note) laws; and
    • (2)protect the results of intellectual activities with intellectual property rights, make extensive use of those rights, and respect the legitimate intellectual property rights of third parties.
  • 2) SOC for Directors and Employees Directors and Employees shall:
    • (1)proactively acquire and utilize intellectual property rights in order to strengthen business competitiveness;
    • (2)understand and observe company rules providing that intellectual property rights in any invention, utility model, design for or actual work, such as mask work (i.e., the layout of an integrated circuit chip), computer program or digital content, that is determined to have been made by anyone during the period of his or her services for or employment by a Canon Medical Systems Group Company, and the ability to apply for such rights, belong to Canon Medical Systems Group Company;
    • (3)adequately maintain intellectual property rights and take appropriate measures against infringement of these rights by a third party; and
    • (4)respect and take due care of the legitimate intellectual property rights of third parties.

    • (Note) Herein, "intellectual property rights" means patent rights, utility model rights, design patent rights, trademarks, copyrights, mask work rights, trade secrets, and any other such rights.



12.Company Assets and Conflict of Interest

Canon Medical Systems Group Companies shall:
  • 1) Basic Policies Canon Medical Systems Group Companies shall:
    • (1)properly manage company assets (hereinafter including the Canon Medical Systems brand and other intangible assets); and
    • (2)always act in the best interest of the company.
  • 2) SOC for Directors and Employees Directors and Employees shall: Directors and Employees shall:
    • (1)refrain from diverting or appropriating company assets for personal use and endeavor to maintain company assets;
    • (2)refrain from making improper use of company equipment and facilities;
    • (3)not make unauthorized use of their position or authority within the company to benefit themselves or any third party or to impair the credibility or brand name of the company; and
    • (4)avoid business relationships with customers, suppliers, and competitors of the company that would pose a conflict of interest.

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