Fluoroscopy (Advanced Image Processing (AIP))

It has been almost a century since Canon Medical Systems began its research and development for the first X-ray tube in Japan.
Advanced Image Processing (AIP) is the latest image processing methods based on the image processing technologies that have been developed by Canon Medical Systems over many years. Canon Medical Systems' original technologies have led to significant advances in imaging equipperaents.

Comparison of image quality

The Super Noise Reduction Filter (SNRF), Canon Medical Systems' proprietary technology, which has been developed based on a thorough reevaluation of conventional X-ray control and digital image processing. With the SNRF, the desired signals and unwanted noise are calculated in real time in order to extract the signals for each image pixel. There is no need to increase the X-ray dose in order to reduce noise or to employ noise-reduction techniques such as a temporal filter (recursive filter) or frequency conversion. The FPD can provide extremely sharp, high-quality fluoroscopic/radiographic images in real-time.

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