Redefining a cost-of-ownership
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Aquilion Lightning

Better care. Safer imaging.

Aquilion Lightning, Canon Medical Systems' 16-row 32 slice* helical CT system for whole-body imaging, employs cutting-edge technologies to optimize patient care and accelerate clinical decision making. Innovative features ensure that high-quality isotropic images are routinely acquired with low patient dose. The workflow is streamlined, increasing patient throughput. And a wide range of advanced 3D and post processing applications provide clinical flexibility.

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*coneXact double slice reconstruction

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Runoff CTA

63-year-old male. CT Runoff Angiography was performed with SUREExposure and SUREkV, automatic mA modulation and kV selection. Multiplanar Reconstructions (MPR) and 3D Volume Rendered images demonstrate bilateral iliac-femoral artery occlusion; right axillary femoral bypass graft and a left aortofemoral bypass graft with restored blood flow to both femoral arteries. Severe diffuse atherosclerotic disease and aortic aneurism pre-bifurcation is also demonstrated. Blood flow is seen bilaterally in the extremities.

Clinical Gallery

Minimum space

Maximum efficiency

With a design also focusing on smaller installation space and power consumption, Aquilion Lightning requires a minimal footprint.

Low Dose by Design

Canon Medical Systems' dose reducing features AIDR3D Enhanced and SUREExposure 3D are fully integrated into Aquilion Lightning’s workflow.

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