⁠CSR at Canon Medical Systems

CSR Management

We work hard to ensure our business activities exemplify our CSR policies. As part of our CSR management, we require all employees across the business to comply with the Canon Medical Systems Group Standards of Conduct.

Basic Policies in CSR Activities

  1. We continue to earn the trust of society by respecting life and making a positive contribution to the world.
  2. We practice ethical management by complying with requisite laws and ordinances and nurturing the environment.
  3. We maintain clear and open communication with a variety of stakeholders, including customers, employees, and the community.

Quality Assurance Environmental Policy Procurement Policy

Value Creation Process

We aim to provide products, services and solutions that reflect the needs and expectations of modern society. Creating value and resolving issues are essential to achieving a sustainable business model, which is why we continue to promote CSR activities that create new opportunities and are in line with the times.

Made for Life

Made for Patients.
Made for Partnerships.
Made for You.

Realization of the Corporate Philosophy

Together With Stakeholders

Communication With Stakeholders

The objective of the Canon Medical Systems Group is to contribute to the development of medical systems and solutions under our corporate philosophy, Made for Life.
Since our business activities involve relationships with many stakeholders, we implement various measures to promote communication with individuals in order to actively incorporate their opinions and demands into our activities to ensure sustainable social development and improve corporate value.

Major StakeholdersCommunication Means
PatientsOnline product information disclosure, receipt of inquiries, VOC
Research facilitiesJoint research, academic societies, acceptance of requests for office tours
Medical institutionsExhibitions, workshops for users
Online product information disclosure, receipt of inquiries, acceptance of requests for office tours
Neighboring residents/ companiesResponses in writing, invitation to events, agreements, acceptance of requests for office tours
Business partnersEducation, meetings, acceptance of requests for office tour
Societies, government agencies, affiliatesRecognitions, submission of records, on-site inspections at offices, acceptance of requests for office tours
Third-party certification bodiesAudits
Employees and their familiesLabor-management conference, e-TOPICS dedicated to employees (intranet), public relations brochure

VOC: Voice of Customers (collection of customers’ opinions)

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