Maximizing performance and satisfaction

Training and Education

To fully leverage our medical devices for maximum performance, we provide a variety of training sessions to application specialists and biomedical engineers at hospitals in our customer training centers across the world.

The training centers have hands-on laboratories integrated with lecture rooms for improved training efficiency. Canon Medical Systems Corporation will continue to enhance global customer support in order to further improve customer satisfaction.

Opportunities to hone your expertise

Biomedical Engineer Training

We offer a range of biomedical engineer training to help ensure safe operation of our equipment and optimal performance at all times. Through various training courses, we will support you in gaining skills and field experience to keep Canon equipment in top condition and create an environment where our products can be used safely and securely.

State-of-the-art instruction

Customer Training Centers

Our modern training centers in Japan, the Netherlands and the USA provide facilities where you can interact with our products. The workshops and lectures cover everything from theoretical principles of imaging to daily procedures and advanced applications. With this unique hands-on opportunity, our participants become true experts who return to their facilities excited and confident to begin working with your new imaging equipment.
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