Giving medical equipment a second life

Refurbishment Solutions

In addition to developing and providing brand-new innovative and reliable imaging solutions, Canon Medical Systems also provides its own high-quality refurbishment solutions that have proved invaluable in meeting current challenges at healthcare facilities.

Trusted partner for refurbished imaging equipment

The Highest Industry Standards

Canon Medical System’s refurbished imaging equipment offers a balance between excellent diagnostic capabilities and financial performance.

All our refurbished systems are reconditioned according to the highest international industry standards, such as the IEC 63077* ‘Good Refurbishment Practices for Medical Equipment’.

The process of refurbishment is quality controlled and certified. Our refurbished systems are delivered with a periodic warranty.

We only restore, refurbish, and sell equipment that has been well-maintained and has a consistent document service history.

*IEC63077: International standard regarding the refurbishment of used products specified by the International Electrotechnical Commission. The standard was issued in November 2019 and referred to as “Good refurbishment practices for medical imaging equipment”

The first choice for refurbishment

Unparalleled Product Knowledge

Refurbishing medical equipment demands a lot of work with many strict regulations and legal aspects that can change over time. As original imaging equipment designers, developers, and manufacturers, we have detailed information and in-depth knowledge regarding the specifications of our systems’ original materials, parts, equipment parameters, performance capabilities and standards. We also have access to comprehensive original test results. Therefore, we are uniquely positioned to refurbish Canon Medical System’s advanced systems.

Our Refurbishment Process

Here’s how we make sure every pre-owned system meets our stringent standards of quality and excellence:

Selection We only restore and refurbish equipment that’s been well maintained and has a consistently documented service history.
Collection Upon receipt, we disassemble used equipment and transport it to our 3R Center where we clean and sterilize it with ozone gas.
Restoration We repaint the housing, replace its mattress, confirm rating and warning plates, and remove all personal information from the equipment.
Inspection This includes a safety inspection, confirmation of voltage, an operation test, image quality confirmation, and a comprehensive assessment.
Installation We then package, transport and install refurbished equipment with the same attention to detail that goes into installing our new systems.
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