Remote Service

Remote technology brings a world of new opportunities that have extended our service offer considerably. Remote connections can monitor our equipment from a distance. From this, automatically created alerts are issued to the engineers in charge when there is a potential issue. The engineers can then take any action necessary.

Preventing outage at a distance is extremely important, as it enables resolution of problems earlier and reduces both cost and downtime.

Remote Maintenance

The power of prediction

There is a growing trend towards predictive service in healthcare, as the ‘break and fix’ model becomes obsolete. Using insights from big data, we can help you predict and prevent issues before they occur to help maximize your system’s up-time.

Customers prefer to know in advance what is going to happen with their equipment. That can have a positive effect on both cost and downtime. They can then plan what they will need to spend to keep their equipment up and running.

RPP™ (Reactive Proactive Predictive) Concept

Canon Medical Systems has developed its own service model adopting the RPP™ (Reactive Proactive Predictive) concept – to support our customers and optimize the outcomes from service.

Reactive service. Our certified engineer are dispatched to repair an equipment failure after receiving a request from the customer.

Proactive service. Our certified engineer uses remote maintenance tools to repair equipment in advance of any customer call.

Predictive maintenance. We develop remote platform to predicts and responds to potential issues after monitoring the condition of the equipment.

Remote diagnostic tools

Canon Medical has developed a remote diagnostic tool adopting RPP™ concept that provide service infrastructure to protects our customers’ equipment. Our remote maintenance system connects the equipment installed at our customer’s site with our technical assistant center in a secure environment using high-speed data communication lines.

This system allows us to constantly monitor the status of our customer’s equipment, to detect failure at an early stage, and to quickly perform failure analysis and repair.
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