The power of prediction

Remote Service

Canon remote services keep your diagnostic imaging equipment in optimal condition for a more productive workflow and better patient care.

We offer an expanding range of remote services including 24/7 monitoring of your equipment, automated alerts when potential issues arise, and proactive support from certified remote engineers who can share the console screen with you for swift issue resolution.

Reactive, Proactive, Predictive

Our Concept

Based on the RPP concept, Canon Medical has developed a service infrastructure with remote diagnostic tools that protect our customers’ equipment. Our remote maintenance system connects the equipment installed at our customer’s site with our technical assistant center in a secure environment using high-speed data communication lines.

Minimum downtime for optimal patient care

Streamlined Repair Process

When problems arise, Canon Medical remote services detect and diagnose the problem quickly based on automated collection of data from your equipment. This streamlined process enables faster remote resolution and, in many cases, significantly reduces recovery time.


Canon Medical remote services are provided through secure network communications that block eavesdropping and spoofing. Advanced security technology employed throughout the system ensures solid security and minimizes impact on your security environment.

Stop data breaches before they occur with a comprehensive cybersecurity solution. Canon Medical Systems works continually with software developers to improve cybersecurity strategies relevant to protecting the systems. We address system vulnerabilities on all fronts: firewall and network protection, antivirus software, live monitoring, predictive technologies and a well-trained team that is ready to help you withstand an attack.

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