Solutions for management of congenital heart disease

Most congenital heart disease cases are diagnosed in the fetus. But with patients living into adulthood, you need a solution that can facilitate their treatment from diagnosis to long-term management. At Canon Medical, we’ve created a range of innovations that provide incredible image quality, advanced anatomic information and quantitative analysis for supporting clinicians in providing more positive lasting outcomes.

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Smart Fusion

By synchronizing with the reference image of CT or MRI, Smart Fusion helps clinicians to grasp the complex structure of congenital heart disease and to evaluate shunt blood flow and coronary blood flow which are hard to visualize.


ForeSee View

ForeSee View is an invaluable new scan planning tool designed to allow you to preview your slice planning in real time, reduce the need for re-scanning and saves time on scan planning. This tool is particularly useful in increasing efficiency of scan planning in complicated body parts such as the heart, even when abnormalities are present.

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Volume Matrix View

A 3D volume matrix sector transducer, designed for optimum cardiac imaging. Boasting Canon advanced single crystal transducer technology, this volume matrix transducer is able to produce 4D images with great resolution at a high frame rate. Compatible with our premium i-series ultrasound units which support a wide range of advanced applications for cardiac assessment.

“Fusion of the coronary morphology of CT with the cardiac function from Ultrasound is a clear step forward in the diagnosis of cardiac diseases. 3D Wall Motion Tracking (3DWMT) on the Aplio i900 provides true 3D tracking of the cardiac tissue and can detect abnormalities of cardiac mechanics due to pathology such as CHD.”
Prof. Jose Luis Zamorano
Professor of Medicine at the University Alcala de Henares, Madrid, and
the Chief of Cardiology at the University
Hospital Ramony Cajal Carretera de Colmenar, Madrid, Spain


Wall Motion Tracking

The MR Wall Motion Tracking application assists with cardiac analysis and enables the delineation of the inner and outer left ventricular walls on ECG-gated MR cardiac cine images. This is a vital process to help you obtain quantitative information for cardiac function and strain analysis.

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Canon Medical's Alphenix system
features advanced image-processing
technology and a multi-access

Alphenix family of angiography systems delivers efficiency for interventional cardiac procedures. Designed with maximum flexibility, minimal exposure and optimal image quality in mind, features like the freely-moving C-arm — deliver unprecedented patient access and ease of use.

High-Definition (Hi-Def) Imaging*

Using our novel Hi-Def imaging system shows that it can be safely used to improve visualization of coronary arteries and interventional devices in real-time with no observable increase in patient dose. Images obtained in the Hi-Def setting have a higher resolution and improved quality compared to standard imaging modes, allowing visual analysis of vessel anatomy and stent structure with a high level of accuracy.

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Courtesy of Salman A. Arain, MD, FACC, FSCAI, and Richard Smalling, MD, PhD, FACC, MSCAI, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Houston, TX

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Multi-modality Roadmap

3D fusion technology enables superimposition of 3D volume data on the live fluoro display. Fusion is possible using a C-arm acquired 3D dataset or importing a pre-procedural CT / MR study.

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