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Infinix-i systems incorporate the industry's most extensive set of automated and user-selectable dose management tools designed to minimize patient X-ray exposure while maintaining unsurpassed image quality.

A 3D image acquired by CT and MRI, a fluoroscopic image, and a device-enhanced image extracted from the fluoroscopic image can be superimposed and displayed.

3D image display changes according to the C-arm rotation angle, C-arm sliding angle, SID, field size, tabletop height, and tabletop panning of the X-ray angiography system.

  • Alignment between the 3D image and the fluoroscopic image is performed manually. For easier alignment of 3D (CT or MR data) images, DICOM images can be also overlapped.
  • As long as DICOM CS permits, 3D volume data (CT and MR) acquired by systems from companies other than Canon Medical Systems is also available.
  • A portion of the left atrium can be automatically extracted from 3D data. (Left atrium segmentation)
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