With Canon Medical’s enterprise solutions, you can bring real-time context and clarity to images.
Not only does this help you deliver exceptional care to your patients, it may also help you optimize resources throughout your entire organization.

Image data where and when you need it

Give your team full access to patient images with our advanced modular viewing platform, Enterprise Visualization.

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Advanced visualization and clinical applications

Applications for cardiology provide comprehensive toolkits that deliver critical information for planning procedures and treatment, as well as for assessing and tracking responses to such interventions. Providing access to these advanced clinical tools, across all modalities, enables physicians to have more meaningful interactions.

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The new standard in advanced visualization

Global Illumination is Canon Medical’s smart 3D / 4D rendering technique to help provide a more photorealistic view of human anatomy. It’s simple to use and integrates seamlessly into your Vitrea workflows for easy sharing and collaboration across your patient’s wider care journey.

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