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November 28, 2013

Toshiba Unveils a New Concept MRI System at RSNA 2013

Otawara, Tochigi, Japan, November 28, 2013 - Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation is proud to display its a revolutionary 1.5T MRI system for the first time at the RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) which is held annually in the city of Chicago. With more than 1700 systems already installed worldwide, the Vantage™ family of MRIs provided a strong technological basis for the new design of the Vantage Elan.

Everyone desires that there should be no compromise in image quality when using a diagnostic tool with their patients, and now you do not have to make a choice as TOSHIBA has pioneered a new segment with this Next Generation 1.5 T system. With Vantage Elan's superior intrinsic homogeneity, achieved by employing a new magnet technology, you no longer have to sacrifice quality in your images. Toshiba's Vantage Elan provides excellent image quality even in the most difficult examination requirements such as off center imaging or in a large field of view requiring fat free images.

Patient care is always Toshiba's number one concern whenever we design a new system. We have improved the comfort of the examination by introducing a new technology called Pianissimo™ Σ that significantly reduces the noise for the patient and the operator. Our new light coil design with Octave SPEEDER™ technology provides easier set up and a more comfortable experience for the patient without sacrificing image quality. Our unique Feet First examination technique also helps to reduce patient anxiety. Finally, our new bore aperture, short length magnet and air flow system, provides your patient with a comfortable place to have their examination with less stress.

All of Toshiba's world renowned true non-contrast applications, which are available on our other Vantage series products, are also in the Vantage Elan making it possible to perform a full body Non Contrast MRA. Toshiba pioneered the technique to remove the need to use expensive and potentially dangerous contrast media while still providing "contrast" in the images. We have saved our users from choosing to inject contrast media in their patients while giving them even better information without the problems that contrast can cause in obscuring fine details. You never have to worry about injection timing when you do not need an injection. Better for you and better for your patients and better for your bottom line, all at the same time.

Toshiba's M-Power™ software allows the user to quickly and easily learn and access all of our advanced software techniques. With high SPEEDER factors and the ability to use our versatile 16ch Flex coils you can get the best images in the least time with the greatest comfort for your patients. Our Atlas Compass technology selects the best elements to perform the imaging procedure.

More importantly the Vantage Elan is Eco friendly as this system strongly reduces it power consumption through our Eco mode. In conventional MRI systems, power is supplied to various subsystems even while in Standby mode in order to maintain a stable system operation. The Vantage Elan provides an innovative "ECO mode" in which power is supplied to fewer subsystems while maintaining stable operation. You save money and help the environment at the same time.

The final concern of every user is space and Vantage Elan shines here too, as it will only require 23 square meters for a complete installation accomplished in only one week. In every aspect, we have made a Next Generation 1.5 T system that removes any compromise when purchasing a new 1.5T system for your practice. Maximize performance while minimizing space requirement is no longer a dream it is a reality with Vantage Elan, a new concept MRI from Toshiba which establishes a new segment for the 1.5T image space.

Vantage Elan™

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