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January 20, 2014

Establishment of Toshiba Medical Systems R&D (Dalian)

Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation (TMSC; headquarters: Otawara, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan; President: Satoshi Tsunakawa) has established Toshiba Medical Systems R&D (Dalian) (hereinafter TMRD), a wholly owned subsidiary of TMSC, in Dalian, China. The purpose of this facility is to become a Chinese base for the development of highly competitive products in a timely manner, providing products that meet global needs. Research, development, and production were already being carried out at Toshiba Dalian Co., Ltd. (TDL). However, in order to implement flexible, efficient decision-making in response to TMSC's development policy, the research and development function is now integrated into TMRD. Hardware, software, and firmware products for X-ray, CT, UL, MR, and laboratory testing systems will be developed by TMRD. We will promote research and development from an upstream phase, utilizing the advantages provided by maintaining a base in China.

In response to the globalization of business, TMSC, in addition to establishing a development and production facility for medical systems in Dalian in 2002, has established development bases in Asia, Europe, and other regions. In order to meet demand in the Chinese market, Toshiba Medical Systems (China) (TMC), a directly controlled company of TMSC, was established in Beijing in 2007, and 9 business bases have been developed across China. In October 2012, the R&D center for software development was opened at the TMC site, and further expansion of sales and service in China and Asia has been promoted. With TMRD as a global development base in China, we will achieve further progress in developing products that meet the needs of customers globally, in cooperation with the Toshiba Dalian medical equipment factory (TDL) and the R&D center of TMC.

[New company outline]

Location#03-01/02/03/04, 3F, No. 7 Hui Xian Yuan, Dalian Hi-tech Industrial Zone
PresidentTomura Masatoshi
Business activitiesImplementation of R&D for medical systems (X-ray, CT, ultrasound, MRI, laboratory testing, etc.) based on commissions received from TMSC, the parent company in Japan.
Company nameToshiba Medical Systems R&D (Dalian) Co., Ltd.
Number of employees196 (including 3 from Japan)


Photo of Toshiba Medical Systems R&D (Dalian)

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As a corporate citizen of planet Earth, and with the aim of contributing to a better global environment, TMSC, a member of the Toshiba Group, promotes activities for achieving harmonious coexistence with the environment and creating greater value. We provide environmentally friendly medical equipment and systems, taking into account the environmental impact of all business processes (including design, development, procurement, manufacturing, sales, servicing, and disposal), with a focus on the prevention of global warming, efficient utilization of resources, and control of chemical substances. Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation's environmental activities:
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