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March 8, 2013

Toshiba introduces new scanners at ECR 2013

■ Aquilion ONE™/ ViSION Edition

The Toshiba family of Aquilion CT scanners has recently been expanded to include the new Aquilion ONE/ ViSION Edition, a faster and safer version of the very successful Aquilion ONE, of which over 700 have been ordered globally.

The Aquilion ONE/ ViSION Edition distinguishes itself with a faster rotation speed of just 0.275 seconds which is applicable for all routine applications. A wider 78 cm gantry bore improves patient comfort and access. In combination with AIDR 3D, the ViSION Edition provides fast and robust low dose imaging for all patient examinations with negligible impact of reconstruction time.

The 16cm z-axis coverage allows entire organs such as the heart to be imaged in just one rotation. The ViSION Edition also includes 3D CT Fluoroscopy, allowing the physician to visualize complicated interventional procedures in multiple planes for greater ease and improved safety.

Save time and storage space with Toshiba's Hybrid View reconstruction kernels. These newly introduced iterative reconstruction algorithms provide sharp lungs and excellent soft tissue resolution in the one image. Reading times are shortened as you only need to concentrate on a single series to make a definitive diagnosis.

SURESubtraction™ is a revolutionary subtraction technique providing pixel perfect bone removal in neuro, carotid and orthopedic applications. The sophisticated non-rigid position matching technology provides highly accurate CT DSA studies increasing diagnostic confidence. This technology is set to change the way physicians perform and read CTA studies.

Toshiba's patented hybrid drive converts energy during deceleration of the gantry and generates electricity that is recycled to power gantry components. A thoughtful design feature minimizes power consumption and reduces carbon footprint.

■ The second generation Aquilion™ PRIME 80 and 160 slices

The new second generation Aquilion PRIME, available in 80 and 160 slice configurations is being showcased for the first time at this year's ECR. The Aquilion PRIME series features the Quantum detector with 80 rows of 0.5mm elements, providing high quality isotropic images for all patient examinations.

The new Aquilion PRIME is smaller in size and footprint permitting installation in even the smallest rooms. The PRIME gantry is also significantly quieter due to an adaptive cooling system which minimizes heat dissipation by up to 50% and overall energy consumption has been dramatically reduced saving running costs.

AIDR 3D, iterative reconstruction, has been implemented for all clinical applications providing optimal dose saving, including advanced applications such as Shuttle Brain Perfusion, Dual Energy and 3D CT Fluoroscopy. Reconstruction speed with AIDR 3D is as fast as 60 images per second on the new PRIME.

The new Aquilion PRIME also includes InstaView™ reconstruction technology, providing near-instant display and review of full resolution images. High quality real-time image review is perfectly suited for the emergency patient, where every second to diagnosis counts.

"We were looking for a scanner that was future-proofed for up to 10 years. We have found that with the Aquilion PRIME.", said Mr. Nigel Lewis, Clinical Service Manager, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. "The small footprint combined with its large diameter gantry bore was attractive. Additionally, the applications packages like InstaView and HybridView with fast reconstruction are easily integrated with our protocols and workflows. We couldn't compare it with anything else as it is the highest spec helical CT scanner available. Aquilion PRIME will enable us to carry out higher throughputs of work across a wider range and variety of disease states."

■ Astelion™ series (WIP)

The 16 slice Astelion series CT systems represent Toshiba's ongoing commitment towards your patients well being and a cleaner and greener environment.

AIDR 3D iterative reconstruction found in Toshiba's premium level CT systems is included as a standard feature on Astelion. Dose reduction of up to 75% is available for all clinical scans making CT examinations safer for all patients.

The design of the Astelion's electrical systems minimizes heat dissipation and an innovative standby mode reduces the use of cooling fans. As a result, power consumption is reduced by 34% when the system is idle contributing to the well being of the environment.

A wide range of advanced clinical applications make this little scanner a powerful workhorse. Simplified operation with Navi mode is incredible for guiding novice operators through every step of an examination. Examinations can be performed with confidence in any location at anytime of the day and night.

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