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January 30, 2019

Canon Medical introduces Global Illumination, the next-generation rendering in medical imaging that allows clinicians to visualize and manipulate photorealistic anatomical images.

  • Photorealistic rendering of CT, MRI and X-ray images enriches communication between clinical teams and patients through a better understanding of anatomy. 
  • Global Illumination is now commercially available and featured at Canon Medical’s booth at Arab Health 2019 in Dubai.

January 28, 2019; Otawara, Japan – Canon Medical Systems Corporation (Canon Medical) introduces Global Illumination rendering technology within the Vitrea® platform. This technology allows physicians to interact in real-time with photorealistic images and visualize patient anatomy in all dimensions. Global Illumination is currently available as part of Canon Medical’s Vitrea Advanced Visualization workflow solution to global customers except Japan from January 28th.

The technology offers the following benefits to clinicians and patients: 

  • Patients will benefit from an increased understanding of their own anatomy and pathology when communicating with a clinician. 
  • Physicians, such as Forensic Physicians, will be able to visualize anatomy prior to autopsy and use Global Illumination to aid in communication.

“This innovative Canon technology will help change patient outcomes and can make a real difference to the clinical process. As a result, helping to improve the patient experience,” said Toshio Takiguchi, President and CEO of Canon Medical. Vitrea is a premier enterprising imaging solution from Vital®, a Canon Group company.

Global Illumination is featured at Canon Medical’s booth (S1.D30) at Arab Health in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from 28-31 January, 2019. Further information can be found here:

Image Gallery of Global Illumination


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