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April 9, 2024

Canon Medical releases Vantage Galan / Supreme Edition, advancing MRI imaging with optimized system integration

Canon Medical unveils a major leap forward in optimized MRI performance with the commercial release of the Vantage Galan 3T / Supreme Edition, incorporating all Canon manufactured components including a new Real-time platform and made-in-Japan advanced magnet technology.

The new system also represents the leading suite of artificial intelligence for the MRI environment with a range of intelligent solutions that enhance images, boost productivity and patient comfort.

Canon Medical unveils a significant progress in their MRI Vantage Galan 3T system architecture at the International Technical Exhibition of Medical Imaging 2024 (ITEM 2024) conference in Yokohama, Japan. Vantage Galan 3T / Supreme Edition has been completely re-designed with the latest technological advancements for high-end 3T MRI imaging suites. Of note, the system features a Real-time platform that enables faster data communication between hardware and software, and an optimized gradient system. In addition, the system features precise craftsmanship with a Japan-made magnet that delivers highly homogenous and stable imaging with expanded Field of View (FOV). The result is a premium MRI system that rivals any 3T system available in the market in terms of image clarity, robustness, and reconstruction speed.

Vantage Galan 3T / Supreme Edition

Supreme productivity combined with intelligent imaging capability
Featured in the system is a new Real-time platform which is designed to efficiently and quickly manage the vast amounts of data produced during today’s MRI exam, potentially leading to faster scanning and more robust and reliable imaging.

“Vantage Galan 3T / Supreme Edition is the result of a complete re-think of the key components required for a premium MRI system. Our customers told us what they need in their challenging MRI environments, and we are very proud of the results being produced. This is on top of our strong record of AI boosted imaging and productivity solutions that are highly evaluated and unique in the MRI market” noted Akira Adachi, General Manager, MRI Systems Division at Canon Medical.

Canon Medical’s Altivity suite of AI technologies are leading the medical imaging industry with intelligent solutions like Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) and Precise IQ Engine (PIQE). PIQE allows the matrix size to be increased, resulting in higher imaging resolution and shorter scan times. “AiCE is a unique DLR technology for MRI that produces clear and distinct images,” commented Mr. Adachi. “It has already become a comprehensive and essential tool that is globally accepted for general and specialized imaging and integrates seamlessly with motion and metal artifact management techniques. PIQE is our latest AI solution, which has already made a strong impact in resolution enhancement. Clinicians who have evaluated PIQE have conveyed a high enthusiasm for this technology, and we are excited to expand it further in combination with the Vantage Galan 3T / Supreme Edition”

Productivity focused solutions
Within the environment of healthcare systems that face the challenges of ever-increasing patient loads, complex disease sets and reduced hospital budgets, improved productivity has become paramount. Vantage Galan 3T’s time-saving automated processes refine the entire diagnostic pathway and enable high-quality examinations which can be provided simply and easily. Scenario-based decision support for brain exams with Automation Platform, remote operation and monitoring with a mobile Tablet UX, and AI boosted Ceiling Camera pushes operational efficiency further than ever before.

Wider prospects
Canon Medical now offers a comprehensive range of open bore MRI systems to meet every customer need in the 3T and 1.5T MRI market segments.

“We continually innovate to meet the evolving needs of healthcare professionals and enable them to deliver the best solutions to patients,” said Mr. Adachi. “One of the most valuable contributions that we can provide in today’s challenging healthcare environment is to bring new tools to the table that progress imaging performance, workflow and productivity.”

Find out more about the new Vantage Galan 3T / Supreme Edition
Canon Medical will be featuring Vantage Galan 3T and their entire range of medical imaging solutions at the ITEM 2024 Yokohama, Japan from April 12-14, 2024. The system can be viewed at booth A5-01 during show hours or contact your local Canon representative to set up an appointment.

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