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November 27, 2023

Canon Medical Systems Revolutionizes its CT Lineup with AI-enhanced improvements

Otawara, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, 27 November 2023 –Canon Medical Systems today announced significant updates to its CT portfolio, including the introduction of two new scanners. A new flagship system (Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition) and high-throughput system (Aquilion Serve SP) were both unveiled at the Radiological Society of North America congress (RSNA), currently underway in Chicago, Illinois, USA. These latest CT offerings both employ the time-saving and efficiency-promoting INSTINX workflow solution that was first released last August with the global launch of the Aquilion Serve. The company also shared the news that its Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) Deep Learning Technology has been migrated across all segments of its CT business in order to support high-quality imaging at low dose for all patients, in keeping with its Made for Life philosophy.


 Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition

With the launch of the Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition, Canon Medical Systems continues to expand and strengthen the capabilities of its premium CT. Pairing Canon Medical’s most advanced Precise IQ Engine (PIQE) DLR technology with AI-assisted workflow support from INSTINX, the new system makes high-quality scanning easier and more efficient than ever before. The scanner maximizes the inherent resolution of a CT to provide Super Resolution 1024 matrix images for cardiac and body examinations. Cardiac scanning also gets a boost from its 0.24 sec rotation speed, making one-beat scanning more robust at high heart rates. Hardware upgrades, such as the outstanding heat dissipation of the CoolNovus X-ray tube and the reduced electronic noise from the PUREINSIGHT Detector, further round out the exceptional benefits of this new offering.

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Aquilion Serve SP

Aquilion Serve SP bolsters clinical confidence for all routine examinations, including trauma and cardiac. Its 80-cm wide-bore gantry features two easy-to-use touch screens and inbuilt cameras that support automated one-touch patient positioning. As with the Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition, INSTINX workflow makes learning and using the system a quick and straightforward process and ensures scanning consistency regardless of the level of operator experience.

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Another key development is the rollout of Canon Medical Systems’s Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) technology across all segments of the CT portfolio. Since 2011, Canon Medical Systems has been at the forefront of utilizing novel technologies, including AI, to improve CT image quality. In 2018, the immense computational power of Deep Learning Neural Networks was first applied to image reconstruction with the development of AiCE. Initially developed for the Ultra-High Resolution CT Aquilion Precision, it was subsequently migrated to other systems. Now, for the first time, it is also available at the entry level, making its low noise, improved spatial resolution, and exceptional dose reduction benefits accessible to all customers. (AiCE, along with PIQE, are powered by Altivity, the multimodality, overarching brand, which pulls together all the AI technology that Canon Medical Systems provides under one name.)

“It’s an exciting time for Canon Medical CT. With the launch of the Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition and Aquilion Serve SP, we are simplifying and streamlining CT workflow, making the scan experience for more efficient for patients and operators alike. On top of that, we are reaffirming our commitment to our Made for Life philosophy by harnessing Deep Learning Reconstruction to support high-quality imaging at low dose across our entire CT portfolio. The new Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition features an even more advanced version of our PIQE DLR, and AiCE is now available for all segments from our premium systems to the entry level,” said Naoki Sugihara, Vice President and General Manager of CT Systems Division at Canon Medical Systems Corporation.

INSTINX is a total workflow experience redesigned from the ground up to set new standards in efficiency and consistency. Every detail of the workflow has been thoroughly refined based on clinical testing in medical centers around the world.
Now every operation is more intuitive and can be learned faster than ever before. This ease of use contributes to work satisfaction, time savings and flexible allocation of resources.

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