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July 10, 2023

Canon Medical introduces the next generation of state-of-the-art compact ultrasound systems

Canon's new all-round ultrasound systems Aplio flex and Aplio go are designed to help users meet the challenges of modern healthcare with clinically proven, intelligent solutions in a compact, intuitive design.

Otawara, Japan, 10 July 2023 – Canon Medical announces the availability of its two latest premium compact ultrasound systems, Aplio flex and Aplio go. With the increasing challenges faced by healthcare professionals, Canon Medical recognizes the importance of providing caregivers with the best possible support to manage their daily tasks. Compact, maneuverable and technologically advanced, Aplio flex and Aplio go aim to optimally meet these evolving needs now and into the future.

Aplio go is an agile system with small form factor that supports a wide range of imaging tasks with outstanding reliability, balanced workflow and robust image quality. Aplio flex is a mobile, highly efficient ultrasound system with pristine imaging, automated functions and intelligent workflows for a wide range of imaging needs.

Mr. Akihiro Sano, General Manager of the Ultrasound Systems Division at Canon Medical Systems Corporation, said: "With Aplio flex and Aplio go, we provide our customers with solid imaging performance for a high level of patient care in a broad range of clinical settings." He continues: "The complexity and workload our users face today is very high, particularly in routine clinical settings. Therefore, a key focus in the development of these new systems was given to enhanced system performance and workflow automation to enable users to operate efficiently and with a short learning curve."

Advanced imaging and quantification techniques from Canon's premium products, such as Wide View imaging or Attenuation Imaging, have been adapted in the new products to extend their utility for routine clinical and screening applications. AI-enabled functions*, such as Auto IMT or Auto EF, have been implemented in Aplio flex and Aplio go to aid users in improving their workflow and increasing the reproducibility of their diagnoses.

The new products come in a modern, sleek design with outstanding maneuverability and clinical utility. A new set of lightweight transducers with proven ergonomic design and outstanding usability allows the user to work efficiently and comfortably. Both products are suited for stationary routine operation as well as for mobile use.

Aplio flex and Aplio go can be equipped with ApliGate, an innovative technology that allows clinicians to improve collaboration by sharing images remotely and connecting with colleagues or Canon experts directly from the ultrasound console.

Benefits of Aplio flex and Aplio go

  • Compact, lightweight and maneuverable ultrasound systems with high clinical utility
  • High-quality imaging for fast throughput in routine, screening and interventional procedures
  • Integration of powerful, AI-enabled applications* for efficient workflow
  • Improved user experience, shorter learning curve and enhanced workflow efficiency

To find out more about Aplio flex, Aplio go or Canons other outstandingly versatile ultrasound solutions, please visit our website at

*These applications were developed using AI, continuous self-learning is not provided.

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