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July 3, 2023

Conclusion of Share Acquisition for Minaris Medical

Canon Medical Systems Corporation (headquarters: Otawara, Tochigi, Japan, president: Toshio Takiguchi; hereinafter "Canon Medical") would like to announce that, as of today, after completion of the necessary approval procedures, it has completed share transfer procedures with Resonac Corporation (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; president and CEO: Hidehito Takahashi; hereinafter "Resonac"). The purpose of this share transfer is to acquire Resonac subsidiaries Minaris Medical Co., Ltd. and Minaris Medical America, Inc., (hereinafter referred to collectively as "Minaris Medical"). Upon completion of this share acquisition, Canon Medical will begin consolidated operation of Minaris Medical, which operates businesses related to in vitro diagnostic reagents and automated analytical instruments.

Canon Group has been strategically transforming its business portfolio for future growth. Aiming for global corporate excellence, it has established a new 5-year management plan which was put into practice in 2021. In this phase VI plan, thoroughly enhancing business competitiveness is set as a key strategy. To that end, in the medical business, we are working to strengthen our core business of diagnostic imaging systems, while also working to expand into areas such as healthcare IT and in vitro diagnostics.

Going forward, Canon Medical plans to strengthen its in vitro diagnostics business by leveraging synergies between Minaris Medical's reagent technology and Canon Medical's automated biochemical analyzer technology.

Based on our Made for Life philosophy, which represents our desire to contribute to medical care that protects precious life, Canon Medical aims to help people lead healthy lives and will continue to contribute to the development of medical care.

[About Minaris Medical Co., Ltd.]

Company name (website)Minaris Medical Co., Ltd. (
President and managing directorNaoki Kanenari
Business activitiesDevelopment, manufacture, and sales of in vitro diagnostic reagents
Development, manufacture, and sales of automated clinical chemistry analyzers
Date of establishmentApril 1, 1981
Location of headquartersHarumi Triton Square X-4F, 1-8-10, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Number of employees351 (as of December 2022)
Affiliated companyMinaris Medical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Wholly Owned Subsidiary)

[About Minaris Medical America, Inc.]

Company name (website)Minaris Medical America, Inc. (
President and CEOMitsutaka Shimabe
Business activitiesDevelopment, manufacture, and sales of in vitro diagnostic reagents
Development, manufacture, and sales of automated clinical chemistry analyzers
Year of establishment1979
Location of headquarters630 Clyde Ct., Mountain View, CA, US
Number of employees51 (as of January 2023)

[About Resonac]
The Resonac Group is a group of chemical companies that produces and sells products related to semiconductor and electronic materials, mobility, innovation enabling materials, chemicals, etc. The Group has a wide variety of materials and advanced material technologies applicable to midstream to downstream of supply chains of various products. In January 2023, the Showa Denko Group and the Showa Denko Materials Group (former Hitachi Chemical Group) merged into the Resonac Group and made a start as a new corporate group. The new trade name “RESONAC” was created as a combination of two English words, namely, the word of “RESONATE” and “C” as the first letter of CHEMISTRY. As a “co-creative chemical company,” Resonac aims to continue growing and enhance its corporate value through co-creation. The Group recorded net sales of about 1,400 billion yen in 2022, and its overseas sales accounted for 56% of net sales. The Group has deployed production/sales bases in 22 countries and regions, and continues operating its business globally (as of January 2023).

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