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November 28, 2022

Canon announces new mobile X-ray system and high-end series of wireless digital radiography devices that contribute to advanced X-ray control and image generation

November 27, 2022
Otawara, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, November 27th 2022 -- Canon Medical Systems Corporation has today announced the release of two new Canon branded X-Ray products1 into the US market – the Mobirex i9 mobile system, and the brand-new CXDI-Elite series of detectors to be shown at RSNA 2022.

In recent years, there has been growing need for DR devices that provide both ease of use in a variety of imaging scenarios as well as higher image quality to support greater diagnostic confidence. In addition, as such technology continues to evolve, there is a concerted effort to minimize patients’ radiation dosage.

With the aim of meeting the needs of this wide range of customers Canon has taken new steps in the mobile X-Ray space. The first brings the Mobirex i9. Incorporating a small footprint and compact design for easy mobility and maneuvering visibility as well as built in workflow tools, this allows fast positioning of the system in a wide variety of exams and locations.

The second giant step adds the CXDI-Elite series, bringing even greater performance and functionality to mobile exams. “The CXDI Elite series is Canon’s first digital X-ray imaging system to utilize built-in AEC Assistance2 technology designed for general X-ray imaging. Adding this new technology to the Mobirex i9 provides users with a new combination of technologies for improved diagnostic confidence for mobile exams”,said Moin Hussaini, Director of the X-ray business unit at Canon Medical Systems USA. “With this proprietary technology, the device’s X-ray image sensor uses identical elements that are simultaneously capable of performing either image generation or real-time detection of the pixel value corresponding to emitted X-rays, notifying the X-ray generator when pixel value reaches a preset value. By providing such feedback, the technology helps enable greater control over X-ray dosage. Combining this new technology with the Mobirex i9 provides users with a fresh approach to mobile exams”.

In summary, the new Mobirex i9 supports high productivity, mobility, storage and positioning for a wide variety of point of care imaging environments, with a telescopic column & arm, fine positioning capabilities, and power assist technology, while the new cassette size CXDI-720C Wireless unit realizes superb basic functionality while delivering both high sensitivity and high image quality, as well as built-in support for X-ray dosage control, assisting medical professionals in their diagnostic work.

Find out more about Mobirex i9 new mobile system and CXDI Elite series
Canon Medical will feature Mobirex i9 new mobile and CXDI Elite series at the RSNA 2022 Annual Meeting in Chicago from November 27 to December 1.

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1: Date of commencement of sales anticipated 2023 for USA. Please contact Canon Medical for more information
2: An optional feature

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