AI Scientific Evidence


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the way we interact, process information, and procure goods and services across vast industries. In healthcare, AI is already transforming the patient experience and how clinicians practice medicine in radiology and diagnostic imaging.


At Canon Medical, our aim is to evolve AI for everyone. Through Altivity, our bold new approach to AI innovation that is deeply rooted in machine learning and deep learning, we have developed smart technologies to make a whole new level of quality, insight and value possible across the entire care pathway. We are committed to supporting healthcare providers with the very best AI tools that improve clinical decision-making and streamline workflows, enabling more personalized medicine and improved patient outcomes. For this purpose, our global research teams collaborate with a range of leading academic, clinical and governmental institutions to develop and validate the next generation of AI-assisted imaging technologies.


An important requirement for the implementation of AI solutions into daily clinical practice is trust. At Canon Medical, we understand the importance of providing you with evidencebased solutions. Therefore, we are pleased to provide you with this overview of the scientific evidence on Canon Medical AI solutions. This scientific reference list assists you in finding more in-depth information on our AI technologies. In addition, the highlighted articles provide you with quick insights into some of the demonstrated benefits of our AI applications in clinical radiology.
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