Patient friendly features putting your patients first

Canon's patient friendly features allow you to offer a relaxing and peaceful experience to enable faster and smoother procedures.

Pianissimo and Pianissimo Zen

Pianissimo technology significantly reduces the noise in and around the MRI environment for every patient, every sequence, every time. And Pianissimo Zen quiet sequences further reduce noise to just above ambient noise level, making exams even more comfortable and easier to complete.

* Pianissimo is available on XGO version only, Pianissimo Σ is available on STD version

1 Depending on the condition of usage and examination.

Quiet examination

Vantage Orian’s mUTE2 application suppresses high-speed gradient field switching, making it possible to provide even quieter scanning.

2 mUTE : minimized acoustic noise

Iterative Motion Correction (IMC)

IMC is a motion correction technology for reducing motion artifacts caused by sporadic movements. Powered by Altivity, IMC utilizes Deep Learning based methods for motion correction in addition to traditional model-based correction.
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