Imaging | Computed Tomography

Our CT innovations have been designed for accurate and comfortable oncology imaging with simplified workflows, high spatial resolution and automated dose reduction.

Aquilion Precision

Precision in Every Detail

Introducing the world’s first Ultra-High Resolution CT (UHR CT), capable of resolving anatomy as small as 15 microns while delivering the image resolution of a catheterization laboratory.

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Ultra-High Resolution CT

New Technologies:
  • UHR Detector
  • UHR Tube
  • UHR Gantry
  • UHR Reconstruction
0.25 mm

150 micron
Spatial Resolution

50 lp/cm at 0% MTF
Reference only
1024 x 1024 Matrix
Aquilion Precision UHR CT


Aquilion Precision Ultra-High Resolution CT: Quantifying diagnostic image quality

Kirsten Boedeker, PhD, DABR Senior Manager, Quantitative Image Quality, Canon Medical Systems Corporation
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New UHR Reconstruction Matrix

0.5 mm  896 channel

0.25 mm  1792 channel
UHR Detector

Improving Patient Outcomes

Can UHR CT Improve Outcomes with Better Detection, Diagnosis and Staging of Pancreatic and Biliary Cancer?

Miyuki Sone, M.D.
National Cancer Center Hospital,
Tokyo, Japan

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Aquilion Prime SP

Oncology Care with a Streamlined Workflow

Built with premium technology migrated straight from our high-end CT, Aquilion Prime SP empowers you to care for all patients, from pediatric to bariatric, while providing your team with the fast, efficient solutions they need.

System Highlights:
  • Up to 4 cm z-axis coverage
  • 0.5 mm × 80 PUREViSION detector row
  • 0.35 sec rotation

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Aquilion Prime SP strikes the perfect balance between image quality and dose – transforming routine imaging with new levels of detail, resolution and safety.



PUREViSION Optics: The optimal balance between image quality and dose

Jay Vaishnav, PhD Clinical Scientist, Manager, Medical Affairs, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc.
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vHP3*—Variable Helical Parameters

Overall faster scan times make vHP3 compliant to the needs of the patient, and shorten exam times for trauma imaging when every second is critical.
With this technology, a single series reconstruction enables several studies to be interpreted simultaneously for faster scans when every second counts.
vHP3 may also help you:
  • Decrease radiation dose
  • Decrease the amount of IV contrast needed
  • Improve the workflow of complex clinical exams


Easy Patient Positioning

Aquilion Prime SP’s accessible gantry and couch have been designed for enhanced comfort, particularly for bariatric patients or those who are elderly and living with cancer.


Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition

Transforming CT and Oncology care

Clinically-focused research and technological developments have culminated in a CT system that reduces dose and simplifies workflows for tumor visualization and assessment.

System Highlights:
  • Up to 16 cm z-axis coverage
  • 0.5 mm × 320 PUREViSION detector row
  • 0.275 sec rotation

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Tumor Assessment with Whole Organ Perfusion

Volume Perfusion Liver*

With the ability to evaluate tumor response or anti-angiogenesis, CT body perfusion has become a valuable clinical tool – especially now that you’ve got 16 cm of z-axis coverage at your disposal.

Liver Perfusion Protocol: DLP = 720.8, Effective dose = 10.81 mSv (k = 0.015)

*CT Volume perfusion only available with Aquilion ONE

Outstanding Lesion Visualization and Assessment

SURESubtraction Body

Clinical indication:
  • Assessment of tumors, lymph nodes and vascular lesions
  • Infarcts, ischemia
Iodine mapping:
  • Blood flow mapping
  • Visualize local perfusion differences
  • Display local iodine concentration
  • Visualize contrast enhancement
Differential enhancement maps:
  • “Pure” arterial and venous maps

⁠Imaging | PET/CT

Celestion PUREViSION Edition

Confident Diagnosis with Lesion Metabolic Assessment

  • 88 cm PET bore
  • 394 ps typical Time-of-Flight
  • 19.6 cm axial field-of-view
  • 4 mm x 4 mm crystals
  • 90 cm CT bore
  • 70 cm true FOV / 85 cm EFOV
  • PUREViSION 0.5mm x 16-row detector
  • 32 mm coverage
  • 32 slice coneXact reconstruction
  • AIDR 3D dose reduction
  • SEMAR, Metallic artifact reduction

The Largest PET/CT Bore and FOV

Designed to Help You See More

70 cm True Field of View
With oncology patients, accuracy is everything. To meet this need, Celesteion offers a true 70 cm PET and CT field of view (FOV).Overcome the challenge of a small 50 cm FOV to improve image quality and treatment planning.

90 cm Wide CT Bore
Celesteion’s wide bore is built for maximum patient positioning, comfort and peace of mind. The industry-leading 90 cm CT bore and 88 cm PET bore enhances your flexibility and workflow efficiency.Enjoy greater flexibility and efficiency with a class-leading bore that optimizes patient comfort.

Time of flight (TOF) and point spread function (PSF) technology for greater accuracy

SUREFLiGHT Reconstruction Technology

Celesteion PUREViSION edition with TOF and PSF reconstruction can improve image resolution and possibly allow better lesion detection and follow-up.
  • 394 ps typical TOF
  • PSF reconstruction
  • Optimal speed and image resolution
  • Improved lesion detection
  • Improved lesion localization

⁠Imaging | Magnetic Resonance

Our MRI solutions provide optimized workflow and image quality to help you deliver efficient and effective care to each of your oncology patients.

Vantage Galan 3T

Optimized Image Quality and Patient Comfort

Get streamlined workflow, high-quality images and maximum patient comfort with Canon Medical Systems' Vantage Galan 3T MR system. This system has been designed to meet the needs of your team and your patients with maximum comfort, image quality and workflow efficiency.

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Unique Acoustic Noise Reduction Suites

Pianissimo Zen¹

*99% reduction by unit of Loudness level "dB" and 97% reduction by unit of perceived loudness "Sone"

¹ Optional

Whole body DWI

We’ve evolved our MR solutions to deliver wide-range, low-distortion DWI so you can identify tumors and lesions anywhere in your patient’s body.

Whole body image with WFS DIXON

WFS* DIXON achieves consistent fat suppression and homogeneity while acquiring four different tissue contrasts in one scan, reducing the total number of scans needed.
Available for T1, T2, and PD sequences, WFS DIXON can be acquired in any area of the body.

* WFS: Water Fat Separation

Quick Star

Quick Star free-breathing and motion reduction is an incredibly helpful tool for examining patients that have difficulty holding their breath – especially when conducting liver exams or scanning pediatric patients.


Women's Health:
Borderline Ovary Tumor
(Borderline serous cystadenoma)
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Men's Health:
Prostate Adenocarcinoma
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⁠Imaging | Ultrasound

Canon Medical Systems’ comprehensive Aplio i-series provides unprecedented resolution and penetration for quick and reliable diagnoses.

Aplio i-series

Intuitive. Intelligent. Innovative.

Crystal-clear images and expert tools deliver outstanding clinical precision and departmental productivity.

Innovative System Architecture:
  • iBeam Forming
  • intelligent Dynamic Micro-Slice (iDMS)
  • Multiplexing Architecture
  • Transducer Technology

Accurate Pre And Post-therapy Cardiac Function Assessment

2D and 3D* Cardiac Wall Motion Tracking

Evaluate cardiac function during/before treatment. This appears to be increasingly important prior, during, and after cancer treatments to monitor patients' overall cardiac health status.

Aplio’s advanced Wall Motion Tracking technology provides immediate visual and quantitative access to global and regional myocardial wall motion dynamics (in 2D and 3D) on both live and previously stored images.

*Availability dependent on system

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