Explore every cardiac angle quickly and reliably

Aplio i900 enables you to acquire high-quality 4D volumes at high frame rate. A host of advanced analysis tools allows for in-depth assessment of cardiac anatomy and function.

Explore fetal and pediatric hearts in exceptional detail

To satisfy the sophisticated requirements of pediatric imaging, Aplio i900 offers a wide range of dedicated transducers and software tools for neonatal to adolescent imaging. Canon Medical’s advanced fetal echocardiography tools provide remarkable visualization and quantification for every phase of the pregnancy, including the important first trimester.

Outstanding penetration, optimal signal quality for cardiovascular imaging

Vascular exams can be very challenging. Aplio i900’s dedicated transducers provide optimal imaging resolution and sensitivity for many vascular applications, while automated scan protocols and measurements help you improve efficiency and consistency.

Better diagnostics start here

Aplio’s ultra-wideband i-series transducers cover the same bandwidth as two conventional transducers, providing superior sensitivity and resolution for both near and far field. While helping to reduce cost, this revolutionary transducer design can provide better imaging regardless of the patient condition.
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