Helping to fulfil your patient’s desires

Getting pregnant is not always easy. Our Women's Health range provides a wide range of tools including photorealistic 3D rendering, follicle assessment and Fly Thru virtual hysteroscopy for efficient screening, in-depth investigation and treatment. For your patients this means getting results faster, more reliable and less invasive.

Evaluating the fetal heart and brain

Fetal neurosonology has become increasingly important for detecting signs of larger and smaller fetal anomalies. Outstanding detail and resolution combined with powerful clinical applications such as SMI, freehand 3D and Smart Fusion allow you to perform every examination at the highest possible standard.

Increase your confidence, expand your capability

Early detection and reliable characterization of findings help optimize your patients’ clinical pathway. Aplio’s extensive suite of advanced imaging and quantification functions can help you obtain definite answers quickly and with confidence.
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