Simplify your cardiac ultrasound procedures

Meet Aplio, designed to make echo easier. Aplio elevates cardiovascular imaging to a new level of imaging precision, diagnostic performance and productivity.

Outstanding cardiovascular imaging

Aplio is designed to provide a complete host of cardiovascular imaging and quantification capabilities for high-quality diagnostics, outstanding versatility and exceptional ease of use.
  • High quality, robust image quality for a wide range of patients
  • Customizable user interface with advanced workflow navigation capability
  • Automated measurements for fast and easy workflow

Advanced cardiac echo and research

Aplio allows you to work at the forefront of cardiovascular imaging and research. A wide range of advanced tools to help you plan, guide and follow up cardiovascular interventions is available for the system.
  • Wide suite of advanced quantification tools for 2D, 3D and 4D imaging
  • Modality fusion capability for advanced clinical insights
  • Raw data platform enables to use advanced tools on- or offline with no loss of functionality

Pediatric cardiology

Being able to clearly visualize minute anatomical details is essential for the pediatric cardiologist. With Aplio and its dedicated range of pediatric transducers, Canon Medical provides outstanding image quality from antenatal to adolescent imaging.
  • Wide range of dedicated transducers for pediatric imaging
  • Comprehensive fetal cardiac package for early evaluation and treatment planning
  • Mobile system with optional battery pack helps you work easily wherever needed
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