A comfortable patient experience enables effortless 1.5T MRI procedures

Quieter MRI exams with Pianissimo Σ and Pianissimo Zen

Canon’s unique Pianissimo Σ (sigma) is a multi-layer insulation technology that optimizes sound absorption to significantly reduce noise in and around the MRI environment for every sequence, improving the patient experience. And Pianissimo Zen quiet sequences further reduce noise to just above the ambient noise level.

* Depending on the condition of usage and examination

Short magnet and 71 cm wide bore offers an open MRI scanning environment

The wide bore patient aperture and in-bore immersive virtual experience enhance patient comfort.

Advanced 1.5T MRI productivity, safety and efficiency to boost the bottom line

With advanced 1.5T MRI productivity Vantage Fortian keeps your exams moving. Combining industry leading patient friendly features, low energy consumption, a small footprint and outstanding Canon service offerings, Vantage Fortian takes care of business.

Small footprint and low energy consumption minimizes operational costs

Minimize space

Minimize investment in valuable floor space with a 25 m2 footprint that excels in the 1.5T wide bore market.**

ECO Mode

ECO Mode reduces power consumption to minimize system operating costs. ECO Mode can be automatically activated simply by lowering the couch once the procedure is complete.

** The 5 Gauss line is not confined within the Scan Room. Controlled access area should be taken into account by the facility when preparing for installation. The above specifications may not meet the local requirements. Please consult with your architectural and/or electric consultant for coding requirements. Some power equipment may be required to be placed in a dedicated electrical room. The minimum footprint may not be applied to some cases depending on each site.

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