Utilizing AI to Standardize and Simplify MR Scan Planning with Auto Scan Assist

Auto Scan Assist standardizes your workflow with automated slice alignment for a range of anatomical examinations.
Now utilizing Deep Learning and Machine Learning on liver, prostate and whole spine exams, productivity is advanced to enhance procedural efficiency.

*Not all Auto Scan Assist Features are available on Vantage Elan. Please confirm availability with your local Canon representative

Reduce MRI set-up steps and operator burden

Auto Scan Assist not only reduces the burden on the operator, but further improves overall workflow and the potential for the number of MR examinations and procedures carried out throughout the day. The workflow enhancement ultimately improves patient comfort by reducing overall examination times.

**Internal data results of image selection, plan setting steps and time savings

Applicable body regions


Automatic slice orientation and positioning for Sagittal, Coronal, and Axial planes in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions for whole spine examinations

LiverLine+ and SUREVOI Liver

Automatic slice orientation and positioning for 2D RMC Probe, Visual Prep, MRCP and Liver examinations


Automatic slice orientation and positioning for Axial, Sagittal and Coronal planes based upon Pi-Rad Standards. Furthermore, the users can select a more detailed and exact slice orientation and positioning parallel and/ or perpendicular to urethra for prostate examinations

CardioLine+ and SUREVOI Cardiac

CardioLine+ can then automatically detect 14 different standard views of the heart for quick workflow.
SUREVOI Cardiac automatically detects the location of the patient’s heart and moves it to the center of the magnet where the homogeneity is the highest.



KneeLine+ and SUREVOI Knee

KneeLine+ improves reproducibility and image quality.
SUREVOI Knee supports the accurate alignment of the knee to the iso-center which reduces artifact related re-scans. 




Zoomed Image

"After 2 or 3 days of adaptation, the team has utmost confidence in the AI automatic positioning techniques, which allow them to concentrate on other, more rewarding tasks, such as post-processing tasks. Exam time is optimized and no time is wasted. Today, 85% of knee exams are performed using this technique.“

- Frédéric MARTIN, Referring MRI technician, GIE VAR OUEST, OllioulesÏ


Achieve outstanding scan consistency for all your brain exams with NeuroLine+. The function’s intelligent alignment algorithm allows you to automatically set up according to AC-PC or OM line.
"Using this technique allows us to carry out a real follow-up on patients with multiple sclerosis and brain tumors. The reproducibility of the scan planes allows us to compare both the number of macrophages and their size. Measurements can also be replicated in the case of brain tumor treatment, and we can judge the effectiveness of the treatment. Today, 97% of exams for MS and tumors are carried out using this technique.“

-Marie Dominique BOESPFLUG, Radiologist and Doctor, GIE VAR OUEST, OllioulesÏ


With its auto-locator functionality, SpineLine+ allows you to plan spine studies quickly and easily. Sagittal and coronal locators allow you to set double-oblique slices, enhancing the reproducibility of follow-up exams.
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