Advanced gantry design

Patient-centric design

Flared Gantry
Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition’s unique flared gantry provides a calming, wide-open space for a better patient experience. The short bore is safer, with improved access to the patient from the front and rear of the gantry. During trauma and interventional procedures, patients can easily be cared for from the front and rear of the gantry.

Gantry Tilt
Gantry tilt allows angled scanning at your desired reading plane and avoiding direct exposure to radiosensitive organs. Expert engineering equips Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition with bi-directional gantry tilt. Highly-advanced reconstruction technology overcomes the mathematical complexity of angled-scanning for helical and volumetric acquisition, at no compromise to image quality.

Advanced couch design*

Tech Assist Lateral Slide* improves safety and comfort for positioning patients at the push of a button.

SUREPosition remotely adjusts the patient to the exact iso-center ensuring best practice in CT accuracy – without the need for repeating the scano image.

  • Faster patient setup
  • Safer for technologists
  • Comfortable for patients
  • Accurate iso-center scanning

Read the white paper 'Optimizing dose and improving image quality with SUREPosition technology'

* Option

A CT exam with the ease of plain film X-ray

Perform CT examinations with the speed and ease of taking a plain film X-ray.

The Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition Area Finder* with laser collimation permits the scan range and field of view to be set directly at the gantry, bypassing the traditional scan planning steps.

Patients may be positioned more comfortably for a faster CT exam.

* Option

Faster, safer, and optimal patient imaging

VHP 3 Phase allows three examinations to be performed in a single acquisition, seamlessly transitioning between scan parameter settings that have been optimized for each body region.

Providing the flexibility to vary between ECG gating, scan pitch, and exposure control in a single uninterrupted scan, vHP 3 enables patient exams to be performed faster, with the potential for less contrast media and lower radiation dose.

vHP3’s adaptive reconstruction engine provides high-fidelity images through the entire scan range, overcoming the challenges of image reconstruction through the transition zones. With three scans in one, the single series reconstruction enables several studies to be interpreted simultaneously for faster reading.

Economize on space, not on performance

Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition is smaller, lighter, and requires less power than many other premium CT system.

The compact design also provides more in-room space for trauma or interventional procedures.

Designed for an installation space of just 19 m2* Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition can be installed in most existing CT rooms, avoiding costly renovations.

* With short couch

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