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Fast & productive work environment for high throughput and a sustainable business model

Aquilion Serve delivers exceptional value by automating tasks, accelerating patient throughput and minimizing training requirements. It also underlines Canon Medical’s commitment to the environment with eco-friendly features to reduce energy consumption and infrastructure requirements.

When you choose Aquilion Serve, you choose value now and into the future.

“As the Aquilion Serve is so intuitive and easy to operate, training time is significantly reduced.”

Matthew Benbow, Superintendent Radiographer of CT and MRI at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital in Bournemouth, UK

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Scan with confidence from Day One of operations

Aquilion Serve’s highly intuitive user experience results in shorter training requirements for staff and they can start scanning with confidence from Day One.

With directed workflows and intuitive interactions, the user experience is easy to learn for both CT experts and first-time users.

Minimize downtime with quick & easy maintenance

Aquilion Serve’s soft, round design makes it easy to disinfect and clean the system.

Consistent clinical outcomes, no matter the level of experience

The INSTINX workflow solution was designed as an intuitive experience that allows even first-time users to scan confidently in just a few minutes.

From the moment the patient lays on the table, Aquilion Serve assists you in every step of the examination. Patient-centric from scan to diagnosis, Aquilion Serve delivers consistent, high-quality results to support consistent clinical outcomes across teams.

Delivers value with fast, reliable and automated performance

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