Workflow Redesigned

A CT scanning experience that is easier than ever before

With INSTINX workflow, now every operation is more intuitive and can be learned faster than ever before. Results are consistent regardless of level of operator experience. This ease of use contributes to time savings, flexible allocation of resources, and overall work satisfaction.
INSTINX drives faster throughput and higher productivity while ensuring a level of consistency that is the hallmark of any successful diagnostic imaging business.

Innovative hardware solutions for workflow efficiency and patient comfort

Hardware innovations such as 80-cm wide-bore gantry, inbuilt positioning cameras, smart touch screen controls and Tech Assist Lateral Slide allow patient setup to be provided quickly and with the utmost care.

Instinctive User Experience

INSTINX incorporates automated features in support of optimal productivity. Aquilion Serve SP features automatic scan planning to automatically plan all routine scans including scan ranges and dose and exposure settings, using the unique 3D Landmark Scan and the AI-enabled Anatomical Landmark Detection technology.

3D Landmark Scan

Take the guesswork out of the scan planning with the axial image preview provided by the 3D Landmark Scan, an ultra-low dose helical scan using SilverBeam Filter that replaces traditional scout views.

2D Scanogram
(0.27 mGy)



3D Landmark Scan
(0.2 mGy)




Automatic Scan Planning

The scan planning step in INSTINX is performed using a human avatar encoded with anatomical start and end positions for all routine exams. These same landmarks are identified in the patient's 3D Landmark Scan data using AI-assisted Anatomical Landmark Detection (ALD) technology to provide highly accurate and fully automatic scan planning.

Boost Clinical Confidence

Employing the latest technologies and applications to enhance image quality and support diagnostic speed and accuracy, Aquilion Serve SP has your clinical needs covered. From routine to complex imaging needs, Aquilion Serve SP is a scanner that can do it all.

AiCE – Sharp, clear and distinct images. At low dose.

Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) uses Deep learning innovation to distinguish true signal from noise to deliver exceptional image quality at low radiation dose.
✓ Low Noise
✓ Natural Image Texture
✓ Sharp high-contrast resolution
✓ Clear low-contrast detectability

Learn more about AiCE

Robust cardiac CT examinations - automated, adaptive and easy

To support the increased demand for cardiac imaging with CT, Aquilion Serve SP incorporates the SURECardio engine, encoded with the experience of thousands of cardiac examinations, ensuring scan and exposure parameters adapt exactly to your patients in real time.


The Canon Medical Systems advantage

SURECardio Prospective: Faster scan for reduced contrast requirements and superior temporal uniformity.


Helical Arrhythmia Detection⁠

With Aquilion Serve SP Cardio Prospective Adaptive diagnostic scan mode, the system will begin the acquisition prospectively, and if an arrhythmia is detected, it will automatically switch to a continuous mode in order to ensure a diagnostic exam.
SURECardio Demo

Automated bone subtraction and/or iodine mapping.

SURESubtraction CT

In CTA examinations Angiography SURESubtraction CT (SCT) has the ability to remove bone, calcium and stents from data sets allowing clinicians an unobstructed view of the arteries.
Moreover, SURESubtraction can create iodine mapping SURESubtraction CT (SCT) to enable the assessment of the distribution of contrast media within the body to visualize local perfusion.

SURESubtraction SCT has protocol integrated automation at every step to empower even a novice operator with the skills to perform brilliantly the first time — every time.

Prior to subtraction, Canon Medical Systems' deformable registration allows pixel matching between the pre-contrast and contrast enhanced data for precise digital subtraction and iodine mapping, saving time and improving diagnostic accuracy.

SURESubtraction details

SilverBeam Filter

Experience high-quality CT at lung cancer screening dose. Designed to work in combination with our AiCE Deep Learning Reconstruction, SilverBeam Filter delivers the sharpness and clarity required for a confident diagnosis at dose levels approaching those of a chest X-ray.

Discover SilverBeam

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Maximize your investment

Efficient and productive performance

With its powerful performance and updated workflow experience, Aquilion Serve SP quickly demonstrates its value to clinical teams. In addition to the time-saving and efficiency-promoting benefits of INSTINX, let Serve SP take your team’s productivity to the next level by keeping energy costs and infrastructure requirements to a minimum.

Superior Performance with Megacool X-ray tube

The Serve SP delivers superior performance with the highly reliable, time-tested, 7.5 MHU Megacool X-ray tube. This tube has a proven track record in over 5000 systems — it just works!

Automated Quality Assurance

Step-by-step quality assurance phantom scanning procedure and automatic analysis of CT number, Noise and MTF* provide robust and reproducible results, regardless of the operator.

Eco-friendly design for a green future

Aquilion Serve SP saves space with the smallest footprint in its class.
Space-saving features such as in-built cameras and rounded design contribute to easy installation and allow use in most standard CT rooms.
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