Maximum Performance,
Minimum Space

Multislice CT System

Next-generation dose reduction technology

Reducing the radiation dose to patients is a primary focus for Canon Medical Systems which is why Alexion series incorporates the very latest dose reduction technology in the standard configuration.

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Powerful Performance

Alexion series is designed with the latest in hardware, software and reconstruction technology to keep pace with a busy work load.

Navigation mode

Alexion series offers unique navigation-mode operation that guides the operator through every step of the examination with state-of-the-art computer graphics and animation.
Newly developed intelligent filming functionality automatically compiles images in a pre-defined layout for fast and efficient workflow.
Navigation mode is perfectly suited for novice users and part-time operators who may be required to perform scanning outside normal working hours, and enables all users to take advantage of the high performance of this multislice CT system.

Fast reconstruction

A newly developed reconstruction system supports a reconstruction speed of up to 15 images per second, allowing rapid diagnosis and fast patient through-put.

Easy installation and great cost performance

Alexion series is easy to use and easy to install. The time and effort for installation has been reduced to minimize downtime at your institution.

Minimal space requirement

Delivering powerful performance in a small space, Alexion series has been designed with a footprint of just 10.4 m2. Thanks in part to its flexible siting requirements, Alexion series can be up and running in a remarkably short time.

Environmentally Friendly

Canon Medical Systems is committed to the development and manufacture of environmentally conscious products. Comprehensive optimization of the energy consumption of all system components reduces overall system power requirements. By employing energy-saving techniques such as automatic control of the gantry fan, power consumption in standby status is reduced by 40% compared to conventional systems.

Economic efficiency

AIDR 3D enables low dose, excellent image quality, and great cost performance. How does it increase patient throughput? With AIDR 3D, cooling time is eliminated, so more examinations can be performed.
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