Unprecedented flexibility
and integration.

Unparalleled Access and Coverage

Infinix-i Sky

The Infinix-i C-arm is designed to move around you and your patient so procedures can be performed more comfortably, safely and efficiently.

• Achieve optimal angulations with unprecedented head-to-toe and fingertip-to-fingertip coverage
• Continuously maintains a heads-up display during compound angles with synchronized rotating collimator and FPDs
• Access Halo ensures unobstructed head-end work space to improve patient access for staff and ancillary equipment

270-degree rotation

270-degree gantry pivot and full-body coverage.

270-degree rotation

Longitudinal movement

Transverse movement

Ideally Suited for the OR

When paired with a Maquet Magnus OR Table (shown), the Infinix-i Sky C-arm is ideally suited for the OR environment. Maquet Magnus OR Table features:

• Integrated table functionality with C-arm
• Removable tabletops (Modular and Radiology)

Clinical Gallery

Multi Modality Fusion

A 3D image acquired by CT and MRI, a fluoroscopic image, and a device-enhanced image extracted from the fluoroscopic image can be superimposed and displayed.

Detector Size Choices

Three different FPD sizes are available depending on coverage needed.