Flexible, Affordable

State-of-the-art Performance

For hospitals challenged to do more with less, Infinix-i Core is the right shared lab solution. The system satisfies today’s interventional cardiology demands with the ability to upgrade some capabilities in the future for a wider range of procedures.

A Value Driven Solution

  • Ideal for routine cardiovascular procedures, enhancing overflow capacity
  • Compact single plane design at an affordable investment of financial and logistical resources

Clinical Gallery

Infinix LHC

Left Coronary artery injection.

Next generation Advanced Image Processing (AIP) on a new digital platform. New processing algorithms and proprietary technology provide advanced features, such as, no lag fluoroscopy , additional noise and anti-blooming suppression during image acquisition.

Infinix Clinical Gallery

Configured to Meet Your Clinical Needs

Enabling access no other system can equal, the floor-mounted Infinix-i Core offset C-arm provides the ideal configuration for the broadest range of uses.

  • Greater coverage to the pelvis without having to pivot the gantry
  • High-speed rotational capability enables single injection coronary rotations
  • Steep angulations for optimized vessel profiling during interventional procedures

Access and Coverage

Canon medical systems’ WorkRite ergonomic enhancements provide flexibility for positioning patients and system components to enhance work flow while reducing the risk of strain and injury to clinicians.

  • An adjustable table height and weight capacity improves access and convenience while accommodating larger patient
  • Optimized monitor boom placement that allows unobstructed line-of-sight monitor viewing for clinician comfort
  • Can be configured with an 8" x 8" or 12" x 12" detector


Dose Management Optimized

Based on a commitment to achieving the highest image quality at the lowest possible dose, Infinix-i Core systems incorporate today’s most extensive set of dose controls allowing clinicians to manage and monitor dose.

Infinix-i Benefits

The Next Dimension in Visualization

Coupled with high-speed C-arm acquisition, high-resolution detector and high-powered workstation, advanced and exclusive applications display more details more clearly to improve accuracy and patient outcomes.

Infinix-i Technology

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