Elevating intelligence in Interventional Cardiology

See Clearer with αEvolve Imaging, in real-time

Clear fluoroscopic imaging enhances confidence and can help improve clinical outcomes, procedural efficiency and reduces the frequency of digital acquisition, leading to further dose reduction for patients and operators.

With Deep Learning based noise reduction and multi-frequency processing αEvolve can deliver 2 times higher contrast-to-noise ratio compared to conventional image processing.
αEvolve Imaging (Fluoro)

“αEvolve Imaging improves the clarity and sharpness of interventional X-Ray images, to help doctors see devices more clearly during interventional procedures.”

Yi Hu.
Senior Imaging Scientist, Canon Medical Research USA, Inc

Accurate Stenting with Dynamic Device Stabilizer (DDS)

Interventional Cardiologists face challenges with stent visualization, device positioning and expansion. DDS utilizes deep learning to automatically detect balloon markers in real-time, magnifying and stabilizing the image on a separate screen to assist visualization and assessment.

“Canon’s Dynamic Device Stabilizer technology has been a great addition to our department. Using deep learning it automatically detects balloon markers in real time, without any manual input. It is also available even with Fluoroscopy.“

Dr. Sanjeevan Pasupati
Interventional Cardiologist of the Department of Cardiology at Waikato Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Support Structural Heart Disease (SHD) treatment with Echo Fusion

Complexity in Structural Heart Disease is increasing, with new procedures requiring accuracy and efficiency. With intelligent Deep Learning technology, Echo Fusion automatically identifies the echocardiography probe and fuses the fluoroscopic image without additional operator input.

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