Pediatrics solution

Big performance for small patients

Non-specific abdominal pain, congenital malformations, developmental disorders or juvenile obesity – pediatric ultrasound covers a wide range of clinical targets and age groups. From newborns to adolescents, Aplio offers many specialized tools to help you meet these imaging challenges with consistently high quality, efficiency and diagnostic reliability.

Pediatric radiology

Reliable outcomes for pediatric care

Early and precise diagnoses can be of decisive importance for the quality and health of your young patients’ entire subsequent life. With robust, high-resolution imaging and advanced assessment options, Canon's comprehensive ultrasound portfolio offers a wide range of tools for the assessment and monitoring of pediatric diseases and disorders.

Screening and prevention

Overweight and obesity are increasing health risk factors also in children. Aplio’s liver analysis package allows you to get a comprehensive liver status in just a few minutes during routine exams - a great tool for assisting clinicians in screening and diagnosis.
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Advanced applications

Superior quality for the toughest of needs

Also in pediatric imaging, it sometimes simply takes that little extra to provide the best possible care. Thanks to their advanced matrix technology, Canon ultrasound systems can provide excellent imaging even in larger patients as well as for high frequency applications such as musculoskeletal imaging. Highly specialized tools can also assist clinicians in efficient monitoring, for example, as part of screening and prevention programs.
Canon's intelligent Dynamic Micro-Slice (iDMS) transducers can help promote improved clinical precision and detail across the depth range by actively electronically focusing the slice thickness across the entire depth of penetration.

Pediatric echocardiography

Making echo easier

Diagnosing congenital heart disease almost always begins with an echocardiogram. Whether your patient is calm or agitated, it is critical to get the information you need quickly, accurately, and reproducibly.
With specialized transducers, streamlined workflows, and a host of Altivity-enabled productivity features, Aplio can help you meet the challenges of pediatric echocardiography with efficiency and reliability.
Canon's pediatric transducers are lightweight and ergonomic, with a small contact area that suits children’s physiques. Their exceptional wideband capability makes them suitable for a broad range of age groups and use cases.
Working together to achieve better pediatric care: The approach taken by Ibaraki Children’s Hospital using ApliGate and ApliCam

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Initial experiences of 3D SMI in pediatric radiology

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The “modern-day stethoscope” unravelling the mystery of the “athlete’s heart”
Synchronising exercise and cardiac assessments in the paediatric athlete

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Aplio i800 Enhances Ultrasound Capabilities for Specialist Pediatric Applications

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Remote connection

Connect, collaborate and communicate

Equipped with a comprehensive portfolio of intuitive documentation, storage, post-processing and remote communication options, Aplio can help you keep your workday productive, efficient and collaborative.

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Canon product range is designed to meet the daily demands from small, mobile clinic machines to university hospital systems with research needs. In this section you can review each individual product and see the technology that makes a difference, every day.

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