SDGs and our commitment


Goal 5 : Gender equality

We are supporting our female employees to thrive in their roles and exercise leadership at every level of the business.

Goal 8 : Decent work and economic growth

We take measures to ensure fair employment practices and treatment of employees in order to acquire the best possible human resources around the world.

Goal 10 : Reduced inequalities

In line with the Canon Medical Systems Group Standards of Conduct, we work to eliminate discrimination and harassment, while ensuring that all human rights are respected.

Goal 17 : Goals-based collaboration

We strengthen our global partnerships to achieve sustainable development goals in every country and region we operate in.


With our business activities expanding globally, we work hard to promote the importance of diversity and respect, in order to create a safe work environment in which everyone can thrive. What’s more, in cooperation with the employees' labor union, we are striving to foster a work environment that allows employees to have sufficient personal rest and relaxation time while maintaining an active role. Employees can take maternity leave or child-care/family-care leave as necessary, and a system of reduced working hours is also available. We are also supporting diverse work styles outside Japan, to meet the needs of employees in each country.

Canon Medical Systems labor-management joint declaration on work-style reform (excerpts)

We hereby declare that, in order to achieve the sustainable growth of the company and help employees to live a healthy life, we will achieve the work-style reform of companies, offices, job positions, workplaces and employees on an individual basis in terms of legal compliance, productivity improvement, and work-life balance.

■ Goals of the work-style reform

  1. Achievement of goals of the medium-term business plan
  2. Reduction of average total actual work hours of employees by 2020

■ Company-wide efforts to achieve the work-style reform
We implement company-wide measures with an emphasis on achieving three goals:
compliance, productivity improvement, and work-life balance.

  1. Improvement of all employees' awareness to increase productivity
  2. Achievement of employment targets in the medium-term business plan (new graduates and mid-career professionals)
  3. Consideration of various work schedule systems (review of the flextime / discretionary working system)
  4. Consideration of various work systems (employment extension system)
  5. Establishment of systems that support various work styles and a diverse corporate culture, such as balance between work and child-rearing / family care / treatment
  6. Achievement of long-term sustainable mental and physical health by ensuring health management
  7. Consideration of benefit programs to encourage employees to increase productivity and achieve a work-life balance that is suitable for Canon Medical Systems's employees
  8. Implementation of measures for each job category to ensure effective execution of tasks

We strive to build an organization in which people
from diverse backgrounds can actively work together.

Respect for diversity

The employment of non-Japanese people

We actively promote the employment of non-Japanese people at each of our offices, both in Japan and overseas. We also offer a range of training programs to help our Japanese managers create a professional and welcoming environment for employees from all over the world.

Employing people with disabilities

Canon Medical Systems maintains its commitment to employing people with disabilities, maintaining an employment rate equal to or higher than the legally required rate of 2.2%.

We are certified
as a "company supporting childcare".

Since 2007, we have consistently been certified*1 with the "Kurumin Mark"*2 in recognition of our status as a company that supports child-rearing under the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children. The certification is awarded by the Director of the Tochigi Prefectural Labour Bureau, which is under the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

*1 Only applied to Canon Medical Systems
*2 Kurumin Mark Certification: Awarded to companies recognized as supportive for employees' child-rearing by Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan. It recognizes companies that plan and create a work environment where child-rearing by employees is supported, and that meets the certification criteria, such as for the level of achievement of targets and the plan's goals.

Material Issue 3
Active participation by and development of people from diverse backgrounds

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