SDGs and our commitment


Goal3 : Good health and well-being

By strengthening our global partnerships, we’re working to support healthy living and improve access to medical care.

Goal17 : Goals-based collaboration

By strengthening our communication with stakeholders, we are contributing to a more harmonious society.


Because our business activities involve relationships with many stakeholders, we take various measures to actively incorporate their opinions and demands into our activities to ensure sustainable social development and improve corporate value.

Major StakeholdersCommunication Means
PatientsOnline product information disclosure, receipt of inquiries, VOC*
Research facilitiesJoint research, academic societies, acceptance of requests for office tours
Medical institutionsExhibitions and workshops for users
Online product information disclosure, receipt of inquiries, and acceptance of requests for office tours
Neighboring residents/
Responses in writing, invitation to events, agreements, acceptance of requests for office tours
Business partnersEducation, meetings, acceptance of requests for office tours
government agencies,
Recognitions, submission of records, on-site inspections at offices, acceptance of requests for office tours
certification bodies
Employees and their familiesLabor-management conference, e-TOPICS dedicated to employees (intranet), public relations brochure

* VOC:Voice of Customer

Communication with stakeholders

Together with our stakeholders,
Canon Medical Systems is committed to addressing social issues in all parts of the world.

Supporting the activities of Feed My Starving Children (USA)

Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is an organization dedicated to providing nutritious meals to hungry children around the world. Each year, 15 to 20 employees from Canon Medical Systems USA volunteer with the organization to pack and send food boxes to families in need. This year, we helped the organization pack 30,000 meals into 143 boxes, which will feed up to 84 children for an entire year.

Hands-on experience sessions for children with cancer (Japan)

In collaboration with the Children's Cancer Association of Japan (CCAJ), we invited a range of children living with the disease to undertake a tour of the company's headquarters. Throughout the experience, participants were encouraged to touch and play with CT and MRI scanners, as though they were toys, with the hope that this would alleviate any fears associated with diagnostic examinations.

Collaborating with communities

Supporting children with cancer

In 2019, we installed vending machines throughout our Kawasaki and Nasu offices to help raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Association of Japan.

Welcoming local students

In December 2019, we invited a party of fourth-grade students from Ishigami Elementary School to visit the factory and learn about our environmental and manufacturing facilities. During the introduction session, which was given in a quiz-like manner, we discussed the importance of conservation and explained how our plant has become a habitat for vulnerable species. We then moved on to the recycling center, where we described the importance of reusing materials and allowed students to explore the environment and ask questions.

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Working together with society / Contributing to the local community

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