Going for Gold
While golf is not yet designated as a Paralympic sport, para-athlete and professional golfer, Masato Koyamada dreams of winning a gold medal in the Paralympic Games. Canon Medical is supporting him in achieving his lifelong ambition.

Canon Medical Systems has sponsored Mr. Koyamada, since 2015. We admire this world-class athlete tremendously because he never gives up and always aims for higher goals, even in the face of high barriers and great difficulties. In this article, we would like to introduce Mr. Koyamada and highlight a few of many recent competitive achievements.

Interview with professional golfer Masato Koyamada on his aspirations to reach the world's top ranking in 2023

In November 2022, Canon Medical Systems spoke with Mr. Koyamada on his recent situation and his aspirations for the forthcoming season. Mr. Koyamada is a hard-working athlete who swings a golf club every day. Canon Medical Systems looks forward to supporting Mr. Koyamada during his next season.

Adviser in a camp to promote golf for players with disabilities

Mr. Koyamada was invited to the camp, which was held in a golf course in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, between October 10 to 14. The aim of the camp was to help build global awareness of the promotion of golf as a Paralympic sport. The camp was also attended by a professional golfer and a former Paralympian (track and field and snowboarding in the Tokyo and Beijing Paralympic Games).

Recently, Mr. Koyamada has also been interviewed by various media, which he feels have a growing interest in para-athletes. He hopes increased media exposure will increase the number of people interested in golf for people with disabilities. He continues to support golf for players with disabilities and strives to get golf included as an official Paralympic sport at the Los Angeles Paralympic Games in 2028.

Won the third place in the 27th Japan Disabled Golf Association (DGA) Open Golf Competition

Mr. Koyamada won the third place in the 27th Japan DGA open golf tournament held at New Kimitsu Belle Green Country Club in Chiba between October 23 and 25.

Chaired the Health, Labor and Welfare Minister's Cup: The 28th Challenged Golf Tournament

The Challenged Golf Tournament was held in Mie prefecture, Japan, on November 3. This is one of the first tournaments in Japan to promote golf for golfers with disabilities. Mr. Koyamada Chairs the tournament from this year onwards.

Aspiration for the next season is to win tournaments in the USA

Mr. Koyamada is currently ranked 41st in the world ranking (top among Japanese golfers). He aims for the top 10 by participating in more international tournaments that will have larger impact on his ranking. He will renew all his equipment to focus on winning in the US.

He also focuses on weight training to increase his driving distance. Normally, thigh muscles, back muscles, etc. are related to driving distance for golfers. However, with no right forearm, Mr. Koyamada also works on a special training to effectively maneuver the entire arm from the shoulder to the tip of the fingers under the supervision of a physiotherapist at a training facility attached to the hospital.
Masato Koyamada

Mr. Koyamada was born in the Tochigi prefecture, north of Tokyo, Japan, in 1967.
He lost his right forearm in an accident when he was two-years old. Despite his disability, he developed considerable talent in and passion for sport as a child, with a focus on baseball as a pitcher during his elementary school years. He started playing golf as a teenager. He realized that in this sport, your main opponent is yourself, and decided to devote himself to the game. He has won a number of prestigious golf competitions around the world for players with disabilities. After turning professional, Mr. Koyamada became a PGA-certified coach in 2014.
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