Interview with professional golfer Masato Koyamada
International tournaments 2022

Mr. Koyamada competed in the U.S. Adaptive Open, held from July 18 to 20, 2022, at Pinehurst Resort & C.C., North Carolina, USA. Of the 96 golfers with disabilities who had gathered from around the world, he was one of three players from Japan.
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Pandemic precautions for athletes with disabilities

With concerns about the ongoing pandemic still significant, some athletes with disabilities must take extra measures to minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19, beyond just PCR testing. Mr. Koyamada has underlying health conditions that mean he must be even more careful to avoid infection, for example he sometimes has to avoid using public transport.
Mr. Koyamada has a 250-yard drive. To support his powerful golf swing, he uses a specially designed prosthetic limb that is not suitable for daily activities. Fine adjustment is required. It is a uniquely customized limb that cannot be replaced.

Going for Gold

Golf is a popular sport among people with disabilities. However, it is not yet designated an official Paralympic sport. The USGA and R&A (Royal and Ancient Golf Club of Saint Andrews), together with associations around the world, are focusing on promoting golf as an official Paralympic sport. This is also anticipated in Japan, and Mr. Koyamada is pushing to achieve this. As a Board Member of the Japan Disabled Golf Association, Mr. Koyamada is also focused on advancing the level of disabled golfers in Japan. He is campaigning from this position for golf to be included as an official Paralympic sport at the Los Angeles Paralympic Games in 2028.

As a professional golfer, he aims is to continue competing in senior tournaments and win a Paralympic gold medal!
Masato Koyamada

Mr. Koyamada was born in the Tochigi prefecture, north of Tokyo, Japan, in 1967.
He lost his right forearm in an accident when he was two-years old. Despite his disability, he developed considerable talent in and passion for sport as a child, with a focus on baseball as a pitcher during his elementary school years. He started playing golf as a teenager. He realized that in this sport, your main opponent is yourself, and decided to devote himself to the game. He has won a number of prestigious golf competitions around the world for players with disabilities. After turning professional, Mr. Koyamada became a PGA-certified coach in 2014.
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