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The CHU (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire) UCL Namur is a university hospital group with facilities in Namur, Dinant, Yvoir and Ciney, in Belgium. In line with its commitment to continual improvement of patient care, it has installed several new CT scanners on the site of Dinant, notably Canon Medical’s Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition and Aquilion Lightning SP. The renewal of its imaging equipment with cutting-edge technology from Canon Medical that features Artificial Intelligence (AI) supports significantly better image quality and reduced examination time for examinations and diagnoses in emergencies, as well as scheduled care of patients. Dr. Philippe Grandjean, Head of the Medical Imaging Department at the hospital, explains what the new scanners bring.
VISIONS spoke with Dr. Philippe Grandjean (Chief Radiologist at the site Dinant) and his team, from the CHU UCL Namur, a university hospital group with facilities in Namur, Dinant, Yvoir and Ciney, in Belgium.
Dr. Matondo, Interventional Radiologist, The CHU UCL Namur, Belgium.
With almost 1,000-beds, the CHU-UCL Namur faces growing demands for high-quality imaging. With several facilities across the province of Namur, each of which must offer diverse imaging capabilities, replacing older CT equipment site by site has helped to avoid any downtime, and ensure adequate training programs. The hospital upgraded its scanners at its Sainte-Elizabeth site in 2021 with the installation of its first Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition, Aquilion Precision and an Aquilion Lightning SP. Convinced by their performance, the hospital also acquired two new, additional, identical scanners for its Dinant hospital. Later this year, a new public contract will be launched for the purchase and installation of new scanners at the Godinne hospital site in Yvoir.
Dr. Matondo, Interventional Radiologist, The CHU UCL Namur, Belgium.

Growing demands

“Our imaging team requires a complete technical platform for their increasingly diverse work,” remarked Dr. Grandjean. “Our challenges are rising demands for CT and MRI imaging, and meeting the needs of a new polyclinic in Ciney.”

In addition to an increased number of CT examinations required per day, a new expanded schedule for MRI scans has resulted in a significant growth in the number of multislice examinations needed.

“We are in the process of transforming our imaging facilities to meet present and future needs, and opted for Canon Medical’s Aquilion CT scanners on the basis of the benefits of Spectral imaging, the increase in image quality, the reduction in dose, and the speed of carrying out examinations,” he explained.

“The new Canon Medical scanners optimize patient safety and comfort in particular by reducing radiation dose and speeding up examinations within the renewed and adapted environment of our imaging iterative reconstructions to produce high quality images at low doses.

“The Canon CT scanners improves the accuracy and efficiency of our interventional procedures.”

Dr. Philippe Grandjean – Head of the Medical Imaging Department, The CHU UCL Namur, site Dinant, Belgium.

Deep intelligence

Now powered by Canon Medical Altivity Artificial Intelligence driven technologies, Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE), and Deep Learning Spectral Reconstruction, the Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition is a particularly cutting-edge system in CT-AI.

AiCE is a revolutionary approach to CT reconstruction that uses Deep Learning innovation to match the spatial resolution and low-noise properties of advanced model-based iterative reconstructions to produce high quality images at low doses.

At the Forefront of AI-Assisted CT

Single rotation scanning

Canon Medical’s Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition has the largest anatomical coverage range of 160mm (320 rows scan 0.5 mm slice thickness), which enables the heart and brain to be imaged with one rotation in just 0.275 seconds. This means that clinicians can receive isotropic data of the volume of an entire body organ with a single rotation. The ability to display the entire volume of an organ with a single rotation opens new diagnostic possibilities in Deep Learning Spectral imaging and with Canon’s Artificial Intelligence algorithm - Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) - which uses deep learning reconstruction that distinguishes true signal from noise to deliver low-dose sharp, clear and distinct images at fast speeds.

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Reduced dose

Aquilion Lightning SP, Canon Medical’s 80 row 160 slice helical CT system for whole-body imaging, employs cutting-edge technologies to optimize patient care and accelerate clinical decision making. Innovative features ensure that high-quality isotropic images are routinely acquired with low patient dose. The workflow is streamlined which is increasing patient throughput. And a wide range of advanced 3D and post processing applications provide clinical flexibility.

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“ With Canon and its new technologies, patient comfort is improved. Acquisition is accelerated. In general and in particular for cardiac CTs, thanks to the width of the detector.”

Dr. Valérie Paquay – Radiologist, The CHU UCL Namur, site Dinant, Belgium.

Enhanced quality and efficiency

With this new technology, the imaging department is able to carry out all the examinations and interventions with the new scanners as previously, but with better quality and more efficiency.

Training in using the new systems was provided for the Radiology Team in Dinant. Each radiologist was able to benefit from one-to-one training with an application specialist. A pre-installation training for the paramedical team of a few days and a two-week start-up training for the radiologists and radiographers were planned in agreement with the department. Follow-up visits were then made regularly to optimize the systems.
The Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition, like the CT it replaces (Toshiba Aquilion Prime), is used in a number of clinical areas, including cardiac imaging, for which there is a growing demand, and stroke screening. Thanks to the PRISM’s superior performance and technological innovations, these examinations are performed better and more efficiently with lower dose and allow radiologists to improve diagnostic confidence.

The Lightning SP can perform all types of routine examinations (thorax, spine, skull, etc.), as well as all interventional procedures (infiltrations, drainages, etc.). These procedures are made easier thanks to the wide opening of the gantry (78cm) and the lateral movement of the examination table. Here again, this new scanner guarantees greater efficiency, greater speed and lower doses.
The Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition, CHU UCL Namur, site Dinant, Belgium.
Thanks to the One-beat scanning concept in combination with AiCE (Deep Learning Reconstruction), the Aquillion PRISM will help meet the demand for high-level, lowdose cardiological procedures. The “Deep Learning Spectral & Rapid kV switching” technology opens up new diagnostic perspectives, notably in the field of oncology but also in other clinical areas.

Lateral table movement and SUREPosition allow optimal patient positioning at the isocenter for better image quality and less dose with greater ergonomics and less strain on staff.

“ These new CT’s allow me to reach my priority objective, which is to offer quality care by ensuring the safety and well-being of patients and staff”

Mrs. Massart – Chief Radiographer, The CHU UCL Namur, site Dinant, Belgium.

Continuous improvement in care

CHU-UCL Namur strives for continuous improvement in safety and quality of the care and services provided to patients and their families, while ensuring that all of its staff have an efficient, high-quality working environment and tools that also promote their well-being and professional fulfilment.

The gradual expansion of the medical team with the arrival of new qualified doctors and new modern imaging equipment is transforming the radiology department with promising prospects for the future within the Namur hospital landscape.
The Radiology Team at The CHU UCL Namur in Dinant, Belgium. From left to right: Dr. Paquay, Dr. Poncelet, Dr. Monabang, Dr. Grandjean, Dr. Habay, Dr. Fosseprez, Dr. Matondo, Dr. London, Dr. Jamali, Dr. Carrozza.

Raising standards

The high quality and functionality of Aquilion scanners make them the scanner of choice for many healthcare facilities. More than 75 Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition scanners have been installed in Europe including more than seven in Belgium since the launch of the Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition. And more than 200 Aquilion Lightning SP scanners are in use in Europe.

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