Revolutionizing Angiography in India: Apollo Hospitals Group Collaborates with Canon to Introduce the First Alphenix System

In 2022, the first Alphenix in India was installed at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai, a leading institution of the Apollo Hospitals network in India.

Prior to this significant installation in the country, Canon Medical Systems had arranged a workshop that facilitated interaction between Alphenix users and Dr. Prathap C Reddy, the founder and the chairman of the pioneering Apollo Hospitals Group.

Visions Special conducted an interview with Dr. Reddy on Alphenix and prevailing situations related to cardiovascular diseases in India.

Apollo Hospitals Group: Pioneering Excellence in Healthcare
Four decades ago, in 1983, Apollo Hospitals revolutionized healthcare when Dr. Prathap Reddy opened the first corporate hospital in Chennai. At present, Apollo Hospitals is the world’s largest integrated healthcare organization with over 10,000 beds across 71 hospitals, nearly 6000 pharmacies and over 200 clinics and diagnostic centres as well as 150 telemedicine centres. It is one of the world’s leading cardiac centres having performed over 3,00,000 angioplasties and 2,00,000 surgeries. Apollo Hospitals has continuously invested in research to usher in cutting-edge technologies, equipment and treatment protocols to ensure patients have access to the global best in medical care. The Apollo family of over 100,000 members are dedicated to keep raising the bar in clinical excellence and delivering best in class care.

“Our mission is to bring healthcare of International standards within the reach of every individual. We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity.”

Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Founder and Chairman, Apollo Hospital Group, India

Alphenix at Apollo Group Hospitals

“At Apollo, we have integrated cutting-edge radiation technology from Canon and implement unique dose reduction technologies, including the Dose Tracking System (DTS) and Spot Fluoroscopy. “remarked Dr. Reddy.

DTS is Canon's unique dose management solution, which displays the dose distribution on a human model in realtime during procedures. This helps the operator to monitor exposure levels and make necessary dose adjustments.

"I find myself genuinely drawn to Canon's pioneering dose management technology and the exciting potential for future collaborations with Canon Medical's distinguished KOL, Dr. Kinzo Ueda,” added Dr. Reddy. “Together, we stand on the brink of transformative advancements in healthcare."
without DTS
without DTS
with DTS
with DTS

“Canon's ground-breaking dose management technology is immensely encouraging and it presents promising opportunities for future partnerships with Canon Medical. Together, we stand on the brink of transformative advancements in healthcare.”

Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Founder and Chairman, Apollo Hospital Group, India

Providing International Standards of Healthcare

Dr. Reddy added, "In 2019, Canon Medical organized a workshop for us. It was during this event that Dr. Kinzo Ueda from the Cardiovascular Intervention Centre at Takase Clinic in Japan visited us, and we engaged in extensive discussions. He also visited a Cath lab at one of our group hospitals for a live demonstration. Following this, Dr. Ueda delivered an excellent presentation on the topic 'Retrograde Approach – Reverse CART and Variations.' This gathering offered an exceptional opportunity to meet Dr. Ueda and his team, who shared valuable insights from their successful CTO-PCI procedures in Japan and around the world. I firmly believe that such events enhance medical knowledge and make a significant contribution to improving patient care."

It was during this event that Dr. Reddy highlighted Apollo Hospitals' outstanding achievements in cardiac sciences and elaborated on how India is facing an escalating threat from the growing prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), particularly heart diseases. Dr. Reddy emphasized that ischemic heart disease and stroke are the leading contributors to India's total mortality and premature deaths and underscored that NCDs pose a serious threat not only to human health but also to development and economic growth.
Alphenix at Apollo Navi Mumbai Hospital
NCDs now account for nearly 70 percent of all fatalities, making them the primary cause of global mortality in the present day. It is deeply concerning that an increasing number of individuals succumbing to chronic noncommunicable diseases are in the prime of their productive years.

Over the next decade, NCDs are projected to incur a cost exceeding $30 trillion, representing 48 percent of global GDP. This economic burden risks pushing millions of people into emotional and financial devastation, as many are primary breadwinners for their families. Furthermore, in a youthful nation like India, the country stands to lose potential nation builders before they can fully realize their potential.

During the discussion, Dr. Reddy emphasized how advancements in medical science and technologies enabling early and improved diagnosis, management, and treatment of cardiac diseases have brought about significant improvements. These advancements have enhanced surgical outcomes, post-treatment care, reduced hospital stays, and significantly improved the overall quality of life for patients. It is hence essential for our clinicians to stay at the forefront of these evolving technologies, practices, and procedures.

“The meeting with Dr. Ueda reinforced the importance of pursuing excellence and aligns with Apollo Hospitals' mission to provide international standard healthcare to all.”

“The incorporation of Alphenix into our medical practices at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai since 2022 has garnered highly satisfactory feedback, reaffirming our unwavering commitment to state-of-the-art healthcare solutions.”

Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai
“The incorporation of Alphenix into our medical practices at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai since 2022 has garnered highly satisfactory feedback, reaffirming our unwavering commitment to state-of-the-art healthcare solutions,” concluded Dr. Reddy. “Together, we strive for excellence in healthcare, driven by empathy, collaboration, and a shared commitment to improving the lives of patients worldwide.”//
Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai
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