Introducing the Alphenix / Evolve Edition – Our Newest Interventional Cardiology Imaging Solution

On August 7th at 19:00 CEST, the global launch video of the Alphenix / Evolve Edition was released online. This is to introduce customers around the world our new and innovative solution in interventional cardiology.
As the number of patients requiring cardiovascular treatment continues to increase due to aging populations and the rising prevalence of lifestyle diseases, interventional cardiology departments are facing ever more challenging clinical requirements, financial pressures, and demands for higher efficiency as the number and complexity of cases continue to increase. To meet these challenges, we have developed a new interventional cardiology imaging solution.

Utilizing real-time Deep Learning technology, the Alphenix / Evolve Edition is designed to improve imaging while enabling reduced time and radiation dose exposure during routine and complex percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) and structural heart disease (SHD) procedures, maximizing safety for both clinicians and patients.
The event featured Alphenix users around the world sharing their experiences with our imaging solution.
The launch video began with a promotional video of the Alphenix / Evolve Edition, followed by an introduction of the system by Mr. Yuto Kashu, the Global Intervention X-ray Marketing Manager. Three intelligent AI-based technologies (αEvolve Imaging, Echo Fusion and Dynamic Device Stabilizer) powered by Altivity and packaged as αEvolve Technology provide real-time assistance for key diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making in an efficient workflow.

See Clearer, in Real-time, with αEvolve Imaging

The highlight of αEvolve Technology is αEvolve Imaging, which employs Deep Learning-based* noise reduction and multi-frequency processing to deliver a contrast-to-noise ratio up to two times higher than conventional image processing. This contributes to consistently high image quality while maintaining a low dose.
The exceptional clarity and sharpness of interventional X-ray images produced with αEvolve Imaging help doctors see devices more clearly, in real-time, during interventional procedures. This benefit noted in the launch video by Ms. Yi Hu, Senior Imaging Scientist at Canon Medical Research USA (CMRU), helps resolve various clinical challenges. She also explains, “Fluoroscopy images are noisy and blurry. Getting rid of high noise and blurriness using traditional image processing algorithms is challenging. The key to the solution is to build a model that contains good knowledge of the real-world information. This is what AI is good at.”

*αEvolve Imaging does not include a self-learning function. Its algorithm is not trained at the end user's site.

“αEvolve Imaging improves the clarity and sharpness of interventional X-ray images to help doctors see devices more clearly during interventional procedures.”

Yi Hu
Senior Imaging Scientist Canon Medical Research USA

Echo Fusion Offers Intelligent Real-time Image Guidance for Structural Heart Procedures

Dr. Sanjeevan Pasupati speaking on Echo Fusion
The second highlight of αEvolve technology is Echo Fusion, which utilizes Deep Learning technology to help achieve a smoother workflow in structural heart procedures. It automatically identifies the echocardiography probe and efficiently fuses the fluoroscopic and echo images without additional operator input.

Dr. Sanjeevan Pasupati of Waikato Hospital in New Zealand comments in the launch video, "It gives us more confidence knowing there is a higher degree of accuracy of the fused images because of the continuous re-registration when the C-arm is moved."
Dr. Sanjeevan Pasupati speaking on Echo Fusion

Dynamic Device Stabilizer (DDS) Redefines PCI Treatment with Stent Enhancement Visualization

The final highlight of αEvolve technology is Dynamic Device Stabilizer (DDS), which is trained with Deep Learning to automatically detect balloon markers in real time, magnifies and stabilizes the image on a separate screen to assist in stent visualization and assessment during complex PCI procedures. This significantly improves the workflow and accuracy while maintaining a dose “similar to live fluoroscopy with no processing delay," states Dr. Pasupati.

In addition to these three αEvolve technologies, the Alphenix / Evolve Edition incorporates a range of unique features that are helpful in routine interventional cardiology procedures.

One-of-a-kind Dose Tracking System for Optimized Dose Management

Dr. Daniel Bednarek commenting on Dose Tracking System (DTS)
Our Dose Tracking System features real-time monitoring and visualization of estimated skin dose on a human model, providing physicians with detailed information and allowing them to avoid areas of high radiation exposure.

Dr. Daniel Bednarek of Gates Vascular Institute in the USA also appears in the launch video and remarks on how unique the Dose Tracking System is. "There are no other systems available which can provide the accuracy and resolution for displaying the dose distribution in real-time during a procedure."
Dr. Daniel Bednarek commenting on Dose Tracking System (DTS)
Dose Tracking System (DTS)

Impressive Image Quality for Cardiac Procedures – Dedicated Cardiac Tube

Our Dedicated Cardiac Tube has been developed to support cardiac procedures. It provides sharp images with maximized output, even in bariatric patients and at steep C-arm angles. In addition, the rapidly moving coronary arteries' motion blur can be minimized by reducing the pulse width.

In the launch video, Dr. Takafumi Tsujii of Kusatsu Heart Center observes, "The image quality of fluoroscopy is impressive. Previously, whenever we needed to record an image, we had to stop what we were doing to perform acquisition. But because the image quality of fluoroscopy is great with the current system, and it can retrospectively record fluoroscopic images whenever we want, we no longer perform acquisition every time, which has improved our workflow dramatically."
Dr. Takafumi Tsujii speaking on Dedicated Cardiac Tube

Compact with a Large Field of View, the 12-inch FPD is the Best of Both Worlds

Dr. Masahiko Asami commenting on benefits of 12-inch FPD
As interventional procedures become increasingly diverse, a wider variety of patients must be treated in a limited number of Cath Labs. Smaller detectors are standard for PCI, but larger detectors can support a wider range of procedures, such as SHD and peripheral interventions. Thanks to a compact housing, the unique 12-inch FPD in the Alphenix series offer a highly effective solution for PCI while providing excellent flexibility for treating other anatomy as required.

Dr. Masahiko Asami of Mitsui Memorial Hospital in Japan praises the benefits of the 12-inch (30-cm) FPD in the launch video and says, "Canon's compact 12-inch detector is economically friendly for us."
Dr. Masahiko Asami commenting on benefits of 12-inch FPD
Dr. Pasupati also asserts, "Canon has one of the slimmest detector housings, which eliminates bulkiness and provides a greater field of view when needed. The 30 × 30 cm (12 × 12 inch) configuration is a perfect balance and means that our lab is truly multipurpose; well suited for structural and interventional procedures."

Streamline Your Cath Lab Workflow with QMAPP Integration

At the last part of the launch event, the Alphenix with QMAPP integration was introduced.
QMAPP, the hemodynamic monitoring system, is now integrated into the Alphenix interventional suite to optimize the cath lab workflow. It puts full hemodynamic functionality at your fingertips from the tableside and makes operation intuitive, so you can focus on your patients and deliver the best possible outcomes.

Elevating Intelligence in Interventional Cardiology

Canon Medical is confident the innovative new Alphenix / Evolve Edition will positively impact clinical success in interventional cardiology. Its practical AI technology, tremendous value and ease of use elevate intelligence in real time.
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Note: Alphenix / Evolve Edition may not be available in all countries.

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