The Unveiling of the Alphenix / Evolve Edition and its World’s first Live Demonstration given in Japan

Canon Medical Systems introduced its latest X-ray angiography system – Alphenix / Evolve Edition, on August 4 at the 31st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association of Cardiovascular Intervention and Therapeutics (CVIT2023), which was held in Fukuoka, Japan from August 4 to 6.
Canon Medical's Alphenix / Evolve Edition prior to its unveiling at CVIT2023
Canon Medical's Alphenix / Evolve Edition prior to its unveiling at CVIT2023

Alphenix / Evolve Edition Meets Advanced Needs in Cardiology

The newly released Alphenix / Evolve Edition is a completely new system designed specifically for use in the field of cardiovascular medicine.

Therapeutic techniques for treating coronary artery disease have advanced in recent years, and coronary intervention (catheterization) procedures have become more complex. Consequently, there is an increasing demand for improved performance and functionality in angiography systems, which are indispensable in catheterization procedures.

Alphenix / Evolve Edition supports increasingly advanced catheterization techniques thanks to cutting-edge image processing based on Deep Learning technologies*1 and various, recently developed technologies for the Alphenix series. These include αEvolve Imaging, a new feature that supports cardiovascular treatment.

*1 Deep Learning technologies were employed in the development stage of this system. The system itself does not incorporate Deep Learning functionality

αEvolve Imaging

αEvolve Imaging is a new image-processing technique based on Deep Learning technologies. It reduces noise in fluoroscopic images in real-time, while increasing the contrast and visibility of devices such as guidewires, coronary stents, and contrast-enhanced vessels.

While Deep Learning technologies have already been adopted and refined in our CT and MR systems, requirements for real-time processing has made it challenging to apply these technologies in angiography systems.

αEvolve Imaging is a technical solution to address this issue. It provides images that meet the needs of medical professionals and enables them to focus on diagnosis and treatment. In addition, αEvolve Imaging ensures acceptable image quality for performing catheterization procedures, even under low-dose conditions, making it possible to minimize radiation exposure.

Unveiling Alphenix / Evolve Edition

The Japanese Association of Cardiovascular Intervention and Therapeutics (CVIT), one of Japan's largest cardiovascular societies, held its 31st annual meeting this year. The meeting was held at two separate venues in Fukuoka, Japan: Stadum in Fukuoka and The Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk.

This year's conference was the largest and most anticipated ever. The President of the Annual Meeting, Dr. Hiroyoshi Yokoi of Fukuoka Sanno Hospital, ensured that the meeting was a fully face-to-face event – a ‘first’ since the outbreak of COVID-19. More than 1,500 applications for oral presentations were submitted, and more than 30 cases were presented as live demonstrations. At this especially exciting CVIT meeting, Canon Medical unveiled its newest product, Alphenix / Evolve Edition, in celebration of its release.
When the crowd completed the countdown, the veil covering the new product was lifted, and the crowd erupted in enthusiastic applause. Even though it was early on the first day of the meeting, we shared the global launch of the system with many people, including customers and media, who had gathered in great numbers. Mr. Kunitoshi Matsumoto, Manager of Canon Medical Systems’  Vascular Systems Division, and Mr. Makoto Koyashiki, Group Manager of Canon Medical Systems’  Vascular Sales Engineer Group, described the advanced technologies and new features of Alphenix / Evolve Edition and its expected impact on cardiovascular treatment.

Overall, the Alphenix / Evolve Edition launch event was a great start for ensuring that the Alphenix / Evolve Edition gains widespread acceptance in the cardiovascular market.

World’s First Live Demonstration of Alphenix / Evolve Edition

Live demonstration using αEvolve Imaging Left: Fluoroscopic image using αEvolve Imaging, Right: Digital Acquisition (DA) Image
On August 5, the day after the release of Alphenix / Evolve Edition, a live demonstration of its new αEvolve Imaging feature was provided at Fukuoka Sanno Hospital, Fukuoka, Japan.

αEvolve Imaging is a completely new image processing technology that utilizes Deep Learning to reduce noise in realtime. The technology was demonstrated by Dr. Hiroyoshi Yokoi (Fukuoka Sanno Hospital), a leading physician in the field of cardiovascular medicine and the President of CVIT2023. This was the world's first live demonstration of αEvolve Imaging, during which, Dr. Yokoi made many positive comments. He mentioned that there is: "Less noise and better visibility of wires and other devices" with the feature, and commented on the ease of performing procedures with αEvolve Imaging.
Live demonstration using αEvolve Imaging Left: Fluoroscopic image using αEvolve Imaging, Right: Digital Acquisition (DA) Image
In addition, we welcomed Dr. Takao Ohki as 3rd operator from The Jikei University School of Medicine, a prominent figure in the field of vascular surgery. His initial comment was that the images were “as beautiful as DA images”. That was the moment we became convinced that the concept we had been working on for a long time, the use of Deep Learning to raise the quality of fluoroscopic images to the level of radiographic images, was achieved and effectively meets the needs of customers.

During the live demonstration, Alphenix’s conventional image processing was compared with the latest image processing by αEvolve Imaging. The audience easily recognized its true potential to improve image quality, providing an excellent opportunity to promote the new feature.


CVIT2023 at a stadium in Fukuoka
There are few opportunities to exhibit actual angiography systems at cardiovascular conferences, and we received strong interest from many customers. The Canon Medical booth was located just inside the entrance of Fukuoka PayPay Dome. Therefore, it was easily noticed and attracted a great deal of interest.

The main theme of this annual meeting was: ‘Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) for Intervention’. Canon Medical’s new efforts and values regarding intervention, based on the two major themes of making intervention sustainable for the next 10 to 20 years and communicating from Japan to the Asian Region, were conveyed to visitors and the media, who spread them to the world. //
CVIT2023 at a stadium in Fukuoka
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