EuroPCR 2023: Canon Medical Systems Hosts Successful Symposium at Prominent International Academic Course in Interventional Cardiology.

EuroPCR is an internationally prestigious academic society for interventional cardiology, and this year it was held from May 16th to 19th in Paris. Every year (with the exception of the COVID-19 pandemic period), the conference attracts about 12,000 medical professionals from all over the world.

Physicians specializing in cardiac catheterization gather at the conference in Paris and delegates learn about the world's most advanced cardiac catheterization and minimally invasive treatments.
This year, in addition to the exhibition at our booth, Canon hosted a successful industry sponsored symposium at EuroPCR, taking another meaning step toward AI-powered deep learning fluoroscopic image technology integration to our Angiography system, Alphenix, developed for the interventional cardiology market.
Canon invited a prominent moderator and three speakers (Advanced Alphenix users) who are active not only in Europe but also globally. The symposium presented on the theme of "Advanced deep learning real-time imaging technologies and efficient tools to conduct PCI* and SHD* procedures while minimizing dose for patients and healthcare professionals."
The seminar was chaired by Prof. Stephan Windecker (Chairman and Professor of the Department of Cardiology at Bern University Hospital and Vice-Dean of the Medical Faculty of the University of Bern, Switzerland), who is a world-leading authority on cardiology including also cardiac intervention. Prof. Windecker as a practiced moderator succinctly summarized to the audience the value of each presentation, demonstrating his deep knowledge of the daily challenges in interventional cardiology procedures.
The three presenters, all current users of Canon angiography systems were invited to deliver lectures: Dr. Masahiko Asami (Interventional Cardiologist of the Department of Cardiology at Mitsui Memorial Hospital); Dr. Sanjeevan Pasupati (Interventional Cardiologist of the Department of Cardiology and Director of Structural Heart Disease & Cardiovascular Research Unit at Waikato Hospital, New Zealand); and Dr. Nicolas Amabile (Interventional Cardiologist of the Department of Cardiology at Institut Mutualiste Montsouris (IMM), France).
Dr. Asami introduced the deep learning technology-based coronary fluoroscopic imaging produced by Canon’s new product which will be commercially available as Alphenix Evolve Edition. Although other modalities like CT and MR still require post-processing time for deep learning-powered image processing, the new Alphenix edition provides a “real-time” noise-reduced fluoroscopic coronary images for interventional cardiologists. He also presented on how he overcame one of most complicated TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement) cases while utilizing the Alphenix system.
Dr. Masahiko Asami, Interventional Cardiologist Mitsui Memorial Hospital, Tokyo, Japan.
Dr. Pasupati demonstrated the clinical benefits of our new AI-boosted technologies, DDS (Dynamic Device Stabilizer, a feature for stabilizing and enhancing stents for PCI* treatments) and EchoFusion (a feature that overlays an echo ultrasound image on the live fluoroscopic image for structural heart disease procedures), expertly presenting to the audience actual clinical images from his facility.
Dr. Amabile explained how he overcame a challenging chronic total occlusion (CTO) case in the coronary artery, and introduced unique dose reduction tools on Alphenix systems called DTS (Dose Tracking System) and Spot ROI*.
Due to the expertise of Prof. Windecker and the eminent speakers who delivered meaningful lectures, there was an enthusiastic reaction from the audience, with the symposium hall venue almost full. In addition a further positive reaction to the symposium is that is now one of the most viewed sponsored sessions on the EuroPCR YouTube channel.
After the symposium, Prof. Windecker, who is currently not a user of Canon technology , made the following inciteful comment following the symposium: "I was impressed with the technologies incorporated in these angiography systems. I would definitely consider Canon's systems as candidates for purchase."
Canon aims to build on the success of this important symposium to further expand our suite of solutions for Alphenix system in the cardiovascular market. //

*KOL=Key Opinion Leader
*PCI=Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
*ROI=Region of Interest
*SHD=Structural Heart Disease

July 14, 2023,
Vascular Systems Marketing and Promotion Department /
VL Global Marketing Group

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