Welcome to the age of AI*-enabled imaging

With Altivity, Canon’s bold new approach to AI innovation, it’s now easier than ever to deliver safe, precise diagnosis and treatment to every patient. While Aplio’s smart, AI-enabled algorithms allow you to create simple and streamlined workflows, they can also help to deliver fast and accurate results for a more personalized treatment of your patients.

*Artificial Intelligence


Ultrasound Shared Services

Designed to work around your imaging needs

Developed with an open architecture, Aplio a is ideal for busy imaging departments. Aplio a supports a wide variety of clinical applications, including advanced imaging and assessment. Its modular design allows you to tailor each system to your specific needs.

  • Tailored precisely to your respective requirements
  • Straightforward, ergonomic user interface supporting a healthy working posture
  • Helping to reduce cost with shared specialty transducers

Make your work flow with ergonomics that excel

Aplio a is designed to make your imaging task simple and quick while allowing you to scan in a comfortable, patient-engaging position. The system provides a host of intelligent workflow support and automation tools, helping you to achieve rapid results with consistent high quality regardless of the patient condition.

Optimal ergonomics and mobility


Simply go with the flow

Aplio's context-sensitive user interface is designed to make your imaging task simpler and quicker.

Connect, collaborate and communicate

Aplio a is a multipurpose solution with consistently high-quality imaging, streamlined workflow and expert tools for a very wide range of clinical specialties. The system offers a wealth of functions allowing you to connect to your network, to collaborate with experts, and to communicate directly with colleagues or Canon specialists.

*1 Live video is available when scanning in 2D modes only.
*2 Requires an additional third-party subscription and may not be available in all regions.

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