Dedicated ultrasound applications

See more. Act faster

We have built Aplio a with the future of your business in mind. It is versatile, affordable and engineered with total flexibility, so you can tailor it to a specific purpose now and upgrade or expand as your needs evolve.

• Versatile, affordable solution for dedicated clinical use
• Comprehensive packages for a wide range of use cases
• Flexible concept allows you to extend your portfolio as needs evolve

Increase your confidence, expand your capability

Aplio’s suite of advanced imaging and analysis functions provides the metrics to help you quickly diagnose with confidence. Combined with tools for early detection and reliable characterization of lesions it can help you optimize your patients’ clinical pathway.

Amazing detail, outstanding versatility

A range of standard and specialized wideband high-frequency transducers provide superior detail and definition in the near field for a broad spectrum of examinations. Advanced imaging tools allow you to provide deeper, more precise clinical insights.

High resolution in a small footprint for sub-millimeter imaging

Its remarkably small footprint enables accurate and comfortable probe handling. Unique technologies like SMI expand the clinical use of PLI-2002BT (i22LH8) across a range of examinations including intraoperative procedures.
  • Frequency range: 8.8 MHz to 22 MHz
  • Ergonomically designed hockeystick shape
  • Suitable for MSK, peripheral vascular, small parts and intraoperative imaging
  • Lightweight with a comfortable grip

Exceptional detail for a more precise diagnosis

Both the busy clinician and the patient can benefit from high-resolution 2D imaging and volumetric ultrasound. Aplio promotes excellent imaging, especially also in difficult-to-scan high-BMI patients. AI-enabled, automated algorithms support fast and reliable diagnostics.

Accurate cardiovascular readings, regional myocardial function

For clinicians, functional assessment is at the heart of cardiovascular imaging. By providing valuable additional information in easy-to-understand visual, parametric or numeric formats, Aplio’s advanced clinical functions can help you get your diagnostic answer faster and more reliably.
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