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Advanced tools to help you evaluate disease

Powered by the industry's most advanced Realtime Application Platform, Aplio 500 provides you with a complete range of exclusive, clinically proven technologies to increase your diagnostic confidence. By giving you valuable additional information in easy to understand visual, parametric and quantitative formats, these ­advanced technologies can help you avoid supplementary exams to get your diagnostic answer. Thus, you can save expenses and enhance your department's productivity.

Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS)

Our comprehensive contrast imaging package allows you to assess perfusion dynamics in a wide range of clinical settings. Depending on the system configuration, up to 24 transducers support contrast-enhanced studies, including an ample variety of specialized probes such as high frequency, intra-operative, intra-cavity and 3D/4D transducers.

Contrast Quantification

Aplio's CEUS quantification suite allows you to assess perfusion dynamics with high precision and flexibility to create objective results for clinical research and routine. The software is highly reproducible thanks to its raw data processing and its semi-automatic ROI tracking functionality. The contrast quantification suite is available as option on both the console and the workstation.

Realtime Elastography

Our comprehensive elastography solution with raw data functionality assists you in localizing and assessing palpable masses with high accuracy, sensitivity and reproducibility in a wide range of clinical settings. Different degrees of tissue elasticity can be quantified or color-coded in parametric ­images making suspicious tissue changes ­quantifiable and ­visible in the ultrasonic image.

A quality indicator helps you to apply the right pressure to the transducer, ensuring that you are getting reliable results every time.

View the lecture by Prof. Vito Cantsisani during ECR 2015:Elastography - improved detection and characterization
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MicroPure is an innovative clinical tool that can help you ­identify microcalcifications, a potential marker for malignancy, in the breast and other organs. The technique highlights ­automatically detected calcifications as white spots in the masked 2D image. MicroPure can provide effective support for precise biopsies under realtime ultrasound control.

Wall Motion Tracking

Canon Medical Systems' proprietary speckle tracking technology provides immediate visual and quantitative access to regional myocardial wall motion with unrivalled accuracy and resolution. With Aplio you can assess and quantify parameters such as strain, strain rate or displacement during the examination or anytime later, on the console or on the workstation.

Auto IMT

The intima-media thickness (IMT) of the carotid artery is an important parameter for assessing a patient’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Aplio provides you with an easy to use tool to determine the thickness of the intima-media layers of the near and far arterial walls automatically at an optimal angle of incidence and in two complementary planes.


Canon Medical Systems' Biopsy Enhancement Auto Mode (BEAM) provides a clearer visualization of biopsy needles in the live ultrasound image. BEAM enhances the visibility of a biopsy needle and works with all common needle sizes. The function provides three enhancement levels and selects the best scan angle fully automatically.

Center Marker

Aplio's Center Marker is a handy tool for matching the position of a given lesion or region of interest seen in the ultrasound image with the corresponding spot on the skin surface or vice versa. The Center Marker can help facilitate biopsies or procedures involving other imaging modalities.
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